BB The Foundry Brown Water Q 6-1-2022

Beautiful morning for the 1st of June, a bit humid but not too warm. We met at the OG Foundry location by the playground where we warmed up with SSH, Copperhead Squats, Arm Circles, Runners Stretch and Merkins.

PAX: Meter Maid
Double Pump
Kitty Litter
Brown Water (Q)

For the work, we moseyed to the back lot behind the chapel and the Site Q @Meter Maid brought his potted plants and sandbags and I brought a mixed bag of dumbbells and slamballs. The push would be to carry the 60lb sandbag up the back stairwell and back down while the rest of the Pax rotated stations.

Stations consisted of the normal weighted squats, curls, bench press etc but also some dynamic movements such as squating back lunges holding the slamball, halos, side lunge plus curls, bear crawl triceps kickbacks, big boys plus overhead press, and bent over row plus flys. Music was add free Pandora Vertical Horizon radio with all the 90’s indie hits.

Time was called, announcements and intentions given and closed with the Lord’s Prayer

Till Next Time – Brown Water

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