BB 6-29-2022 The Range @ The Patriot Brown Water Q

Beautiful summer morning in Lagrange, mid 50s and no humidity. Good group of 14
Rip Van Winkle
Holy Roller 
Saul Goodman
Package (FNG)
Brown Water (Q) 

Warmed up with SSH, copperhead squats, downward dog and runners stretch, merkins, and michael phelps.

The weinke was a simple mix of exercises and then a short run.

50 reps of Coupon Squats, Plank Jacks (sc) Curls, and SSH(sc) then run a lap around the courthouse square. 40 Big Boys, Merkins, Mountain Climbers (sc) and bench press, run a lap, 30 Overhead Press, Coupon pull thrus, rows & run a lap. 20 Boyos, Purls, & lunges run a lap, 10 manmakers and run a lap. All set to some 80s rock hits.

Everyone worked hard and since there was counting involved the mumble chatter was at a minimum.

We finished with a few minutes of Mary which was fun since I let Holy Roller call out the 2nd exercise. Yep – 4 count burpees.

Time was called, announcements were made about the June ruck this Friday, a need to help one of our own, Chili Pepper who lost his mother, and the Blood Drive. Intentions were given and we ended with an Our Father. It was great getting back out to the Patriot, they have continued to grow the AO and it shows no sign of stopping. I need to get my lazy butt up 10 minutes earlier and make the drive more often. As always it was an honor to lead this morning.

-Brown Water

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