BB-Pelican/WILDflower/Cochran Co-Q Foundry 6/29/22

So apparently everyone at the County knows their way around the train except me. It caused a near 20 minute delay for me and messed up my Q. Because of the train I showed up in glasses and slides (not flip flops Cochran). Luckily Wildflower and Cochran knew I’d be late and were prepared.

WILDflower led the PAX for a bit and then Cochran took over. When I got there he was doing the EMOM we planned which was 5/10/15 reps of Shoulder press/curls/squats. With the fifteen minutes we had left they turned it over to me. One PAX put on a ruck and farmer carried two more to the end of the school while the rest of them worked on the board—reps of 12 with a five count between sets. The first 3 exercises were shoulder press, curls and squats so we skipped down and started with bent over rows. The train caused me to forget snoop but all was good. Great morning at the County w/ Wildflower, Cochran, LePew (welcome back), Snowden (day 2), double pump, Wiche (FNG) and me.

Mtcga even with trains


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