BB The Foundry @ The County 8-31-2022

The weather was a perfect, crisp 60 degrees.

PAX: Backflop, Honeycomb, Air Raid (R), Giselle, Double Pump, Meter Maid, Wiche, PCI, Cochran, Brown Water Q

Warmed up with COP of SSH, Copperhead squats, runners stretch, merkins, arm circles and michael phelps.

After learning the nuances of Q’ing last weeek, I figured it was time to send the PAX back to school. The Weinke was a Billy Madison heavy workout with no running. 12 reps per grade and then 3 pullups as the final exam to move on to the next grade. Each grade you review your previous grades work and move your way up, kinda like a ladder. 1st grade 12 curls and 3 pullups, second grade 12 curls-12 big boys-3 pullups, etc.

1st Curls
2nd Big Boys
3rd Bench Press
4th Skull Crushers or Dips
5th Weighted Squats
6th Overhead Press
7th Merkins
8th Rows or Alpos
9th Step Ups
10th LBCs (IC)
11th Thrusters
12th Man Makers

Everyone studied hard and made it to their senior year. It seems at the start as if it isn’t going to be too bad, but those reps add up and high school gets to be pretty tough.

Closed with COT name-o-rama, announcements of the monthly ruck september 10th, intentions and an Our Father.

As I told the PAX, last week was my 3 year postiversary. I looked at the weasel and saw I am closing in on 450 posts. I have started my day with you guys 450 times over the last 3 years and everytime we got better mentally and physically. It really is more than just the workouts. I have built strong friendships with people that I have seen in passing for years at school, church, etc. It has made me a better father and husband makes me a better coach to all of our kids becuase I know the families and the friends. Looking forward to continuing the fun and as always thanks for coming out and it was a pleasure to lead. #mtcga

SYITG – Brown Water

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