Backblast Agony @ The County Brown Water Q 12-2-2021

Weather was great this morning, mid 50s in December.

Lady Bird (R)
Storm Trooper
Bulletin (R)
Brian Kelly (FNG)
Brown Water (Q) 

5:30 hit and disclaimers were given, then we moseyed around to the front school lot for COP which consisted of SSHs, Copperhead Squats, downward dog and runners stretch, merkins, michael phelps, and arm circles. Moseyed back to the back lot and grabbed our coupons.

Thang: I missed Q’ing on my actual birthday a couple days ago (forgot to book it on the calendar) so today’s theme was for my belated 47th bday. Tabata style 47 seconds of work and 20 seconds of recovery. We would do each exercise twice and periodically run a lap around the back lot. Music selections were from my birth year of 1974 which included Sweet Home Alabama, several from the Eagles, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Bad Company.

Exercises were:
Merkin Pull Thrus – run a lap
Overhead Press
Big Boys – Run a lap
Benchpress – Run a lap
Lat Pull Downs (have to work the back abs too)
Coupon Squats

Time was called and we circled at the flag for COT. Named our FNG “Brian Kelly” since he loves Notre Dame. We had a couple other options but he seemed to like those names so they were a no-go. Announcements for the December monthly ruck which will be led by Focker and Lambeau on Dec. 18th Intentions were given and we ended with an Our Father. Always a blessing to be able to lead all you great men. Till next time…

Brown Water

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