BackBlast Defender @ The Patriot – Holy Roller (Q)

Main Street LaGrange Kentucky was the site of this morning’s Thang. With this new knee of mine, still can’t run and reading the Q manual, you are only supposed to create a workout that you as the Q can do. So running was off the table. That still left a lot of options. 0530 Those present and accounted for were: Ruby, Colonel Klink, Boss Hog, Yankovic, Buckshot, Rip VanWinkle, Focker, Holy Roller(Q)

Started with disclaimer and right into stretching – overhead coupon stretch, behind head, overhead, a few times, then coupon merkin slow stretch, coupon swing stretch, downward dog on a coupon stretch and wrap up the stretching with derkin stretches (slow). Main Thang was explained:

At one end of the block start with 50 ManMakers, then take your coupon to the other end of the block and do 40 Big Boy Sit ups w coupon, back down the block on main street and do 50 Thrusters and back to the piano corner to do 50 Flutter Kicks w coupon. We then went back and did 25 Derkins and at the piano corner we did 40 Leg Lifts with Coupon and the final round was 100 Curls and 150 LBCs. Focker was in the lead and Did 50 more Manmakers, Colonel Klink was right there too and he said something about a 2 PM nap that he was planning while doing the second set of Manmakers. Ruby was solid and steady as usual. Boss Hog drove his van today and some of the PAX thought is was a bomb threat vehicle until Boss Hog stepped around the corner. Buckshot and VanWinkle looked strong today but I did hear VanWinkle mumbling something about core weakness. I really think he was just excited to have the coupon exercises to do. Yankovic was steady. He lets me know how much he loves Manmakers too so I always bring those because so many HIMs love doing them.

We circled up and Focker announced the Ruck planned for December 18th 7:00 PM at Cherokee Park. Intensions for ShadeTree and his family. Prayed us out.

Oh, and if you are still reading this, tomorrow (Saturday) is Light up LaGrange. Bring your family to a pretty amazing experience and enjoy dinner at one of our great restaurants. And, check this out about what’s coming next in our little town:–ky–for-new-series–home-town-kickstart-?cid=share_fb&fbclid=IwAR3tvCJPN84J_bTtke_EaDtc01Mp33VztzziboMd7XDl8K3P_bVeaQRdnNQ#

SYITG, Holy Roller

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