PB 9/3/2022 Saturday @ The Patriot – Holy Roller Q

One thing I love about Q’ing at The Patriot is all of the options – flat, covered, hills, parks, city blocks, alleys, parking lots, statues and railroad tracks. As I write this, I am stuck waiting on a flight in Dallas, day dreaming about tomorrow morning’s workout with you. I selected one of the optionsContinue reading “PB 9/3/2022 Saturday @ The Patriot – Holy Roller Q”

PB- The Bridle at the Stable – Holy Roller Q 8/11/2022

I was so excited when this AO became official, I had to be there that morning. It was fantastic. Tomorrow (Thursday) I have been blessed with the opportunity to Q this amazing group and you outsiders too. So I hope that you will be there to experience a nice workout. We will dance about withContinue reading “PB- The Bridle at the Stable – Holy Roller Q 8/11/2022”

PB- 8/4/22 The Boondocks – Holy Roller Q

Hey you all. Yes you. Tomorrow is August 4th. You know what that means? What you don’t? Come out to Peggy Baker Park and I’ll tell you. If you come out I promise that we won’t: be stationary for long, we won’t do “too many” manmakers, we won’t have to listen to a playlist fromContinue reading “PB- 8/4/22 The Boondocks – Holy Roller Q”

PB- Holy Roller Q – The Patriot 7/16/22

Big Announcement!! Tomorrow is officially Oldham County Day. The 51st one to be exact. This day each year is celebrated in LaGrange. It is a huge event, relatively speaking, and literally draws thousands of people to The Patriot’s Area of Operation. Breakfast, Parade, Entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Farmers Market, Food Trucks, Dancing, and just aContinue reading “PB- Holy Roller Q – The Patriot 7/16/22”

BB- 7/11/22 The Patriot – Holy Roller Q

Another beautiful morning in LaGrange and perfect for a workout on heartbreak hill. Yesterday Rip Van Winkle asked me if I was ready to Q… I thought, ‘how crazy was I to sign up for that two days after a Spartan Race?’ And after “consulting” with Malpractice on the Theme of the workout and knowingContinue reading “BB- 7/11/22 The Patriot – Holy Roller Q”

PB Holy Roller Q – The Defender at The Patriot (Friday) 6/3/2022

2 Minutes after I asked Patty to take over the reigns as Site Q, he asked me to Q his first one! So here I come. Tomorrow we will do some exploring of LaGrange and some of the new and exciting projects coming to town. They all are perfect sites for a little coupon use,Continue reading “PB Holy Roller Q – The Defender at The Patriot (Friday) 6/3/2022”

PB Dinghy VQ – The Defender at The Patriot 5/13/22

Come make your own luck tomorrow at The Patriot with a good ol’ fashioned strength session that may or may not be based around Friday the 13th! Bring your coupons and lucky socks! But be warned, the tunes might just rock your socks right off! “🇺🇸 0530 100 West Main Street, LaGrange. Meet at theContinue reading “PB Dinghy VQ – The Defender at The Patriot 5/13/22”

BB- Patty Q – The Defender at The Patriot 4/29/22

A Friday at the Patriot always brings a good amount of mumble chatter and energy from a week of great workouts and atoday was no exception. We hit 0530, disclaimer was given and we were off.  Malpractice, Mannequin, Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Honeycomb, Holy Roller (R), Ruby (R), Xerox, Focker, Dinghy, Single Source, Boss Hog,Continue reading “BB- Patty Q – The Defender at The Patriot 4/29/22”

BackBlast 4/27/22 – Holy Roller Q The Range at The Patriot

Was a NICE morning in LaGrange with Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, FurDays, GMO, Swag, Shade Tree, Layover and your Q, Holy Roller. Disclaimer, and then tried a new warmup this morning. Figured we are in a circle around a structure that is a circle and in the middle is a statue, might as well useContinue reading “BackBlast 4/27/22 – Holy Roller Q The Range at The Patriot”

Pre-Blast Holy Roller Q – The Range at The Patriot

Good evening. Just landed back in Louisville and had a couple of flights to contemplate tomorrow morning’s Thang. Here’s what you need to know. NO COUPONS. We will have a ‘nice’ tour of Patriot unexplored LaGrange. We will stay together. We will make sure our heart muscle gets a good workout. We will run, shortContinue reading “Pre-Blast Holy Roller Q – The Range at The Patriot”

PB- Patty VQ The Defender at The Patriot 4/8/2022

Well… it’s about time to do one of these Q things and what better way to start it off by leading the group in preparation for Holy Week. I can promise a few things… NO COUPONS, an opportunity for a gold star, Heartbreak Hill will be calling your name, there will be a time toContinue reading “PB- Patty VQ The Defender at The Patriot 4/8/2022”

BB- Holy Roller Q- Agony at The County 3/31/22

We celebrated hard stuff at the County this morning. Designed the workout so we would get wet. Well we did, but that was wet from sweat not from the rain. Devitto, Hardwood and Timeshare showed up with determination! We moseyed with our coupons while I gave the disclaimers. Stopped for a few seconds at stationContinue reading “BB- Holy Roller Q- Agony at The County 3/31/22”

Pre-Blast –Holy Roller Q – Agony at The County 3/31/2022

What a title! Agony. Not sure I can live up to that Title, but I will try my best. This crazy wind tonight makes me really excited for what the rain with it might bring in the morning. Come on HIMs, be there with me tomorrow. We will celebrate! We will do some things inContinue reading “Pre-Blast –Holy Roller Q – Agony at The County 3/31/2022”

BB- Mannequin VQ – The Defender at The Patriot 2/11/22

On 2.9.22 I volunteered to do my first Q on a whim, and I feel like it went pretty well! We had 18 attend and with the help of Holy Roller we did a football themed, team based workout! Basic workout and then we split into two teams.  I broke the sidewalk into yard markers with twoContinue reading “BB- Mannequin VQ – The Defender at The Patriot 2/11/22”

BB- 2/10/22 Holy Roller Q – Cloverleaf at The Garden

Arrived in just enough time to set up. At 0530 with coupon in hand, phone and speaker in the other, moseyed up to the circle of some good looking strong Garden Pax. I was fumbling to get some Country Music playing while giving disclaimers. Well, “great way to start Holy Roller” (that was playing inContinue reading “BB- 2/10/22 Holy Roller Q – Cloverleaf at The Garden”

PB – Holy Roller Q – Cloverfield at The Garden 2/10/22

Come on out to the Garden tomorrow. We will start and keep moving in the beautiful cool weather with a gentle breeze. We will do some Coupon Stretches to start out and some fairly hard stuff between and then finish with another form of Coupon Stretches. We will get up and down the hill differentContinue reading “PB – Holy Roller Q – Cloverfield at The Garden 2/10/22”

Holy Roller Q – The Defender at The Patriot 2/4/2022

 Tomorrow, yep Friday. Come out to the Patriot . As the Site Q, I’m filling in for the scheduled Q and he was going to make it tough, so this one will be hard . We will be moving from 0530 until 0615. If you bring a coupon it will be even more “fun”. 0530 100 WestContinue reading “Holy Roller Q – The Defender at The Patriot 2/4/2022”

Holy Roller Q – The Tank @ Vets 1/5/2021

Afternoon PAX. Planning a tough one for my Vets VQ tomorrow (Thank you @Kilo for the opportunity!). Can’t help but look at that wall in the early mornings and be motivated by those silhouettes of our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters that serve to keep our freedoms every day! We will need ourContinue reading “Holy Roller Q – The Tank @ Vets 1/5/2021”

BackBlast Defender @ The Patriot – Holy Roller (Q)

Main Street LaGrange Kentucky was the site of this morning’s Thang. With this new knee of mine, still can’t run and reading the Q manual, you are only supposed to create a workout that you as the Q can do. So running was off the table. That still left a lot of options. 0530 ThoseContinue reading “BackBlast Defender @ The Patriot – Holy Roller (Q)”

BP – Swag Q 9 17 21 – Defender at The Patriot

I’ll bet you thought tomorrow was just a normal Friday.  But 49 years ago, little did we know,  television history was being made before our very eyes.  One of the greatest television shows of all time debuted, M*A*S*H.  Come out to the most appropriate AO to celebrate such an iconic tv show and show ourContinue reading “BP – Swag Q 9 17 21 – Defender at The Patriot”

PB 9 14 2021 Holy Roller Q – Loco at The County

Tuesday will be a good day. Especially if you start it with your F3 Brothers. Get up and get out! Make that decision now and stick to it. If you are so inclined to do that, you should come on out to The County (St. Als in Pewee Valley, which is my home town byContinue reading “PB 9 14 2021 Holy Roller Q – Loco at The County”

BB – Nest at The County – Holy Roller Q 9/4/21

Good Pain! That was our theme for this workout. 0700 Welcome, disclaimer, and started with some warm-up exercises. Explained that we were going to love our coupons. We did a few more things (heard LePew groan a few times about burpees and mapmakers, but he did them with style). Explained the main thing: 6 Stations-Continue reading “BB – Nest at The County – Holy Roller Q 9/4/21”

PB 9/4/21 The Nest at The County – “Good Pain”

I think this might be my first Q at the Nest. That said, I learned some new stuff from our Q (Jag) this morning in Arlington, VA. He is a Marine and some of that came out. Tomorrow we will use a couple of those things, move a lot, but not go far. Bring yourContinue reading “PB 9/4/21 The Nest at The County – “Good Pain””

PB 8/27/21 Holy Roller Q School- Defender at the Patriot

Good evening! I sure do hope to see you tomorrow. After a great 4 days of Q school by amazing Q’s, come on out tomorrow- Friday. My goal is for you to leave having learned one thing that you didn’t know about Q’ing (or something else). Might just be a new exercise. If you comeContinue reading “PB 8/27/21 Holy Roller Q School- Defender at the Patriot”

BB Holy Roller Q @ Bayside 6/17/2021

Was a beautiful morning at Bayside for a few ManMakers. Actually, I haven’t seen a morning yet anywhere that isn’t perfect for a few ManMakers. If you haven’t been to this AO you are missing out. Some strong PAX here. Rolled in with about 5 minutes to get set up, but only had one pieceContinue reading “BB Holy Roller Q @ Bayside 6/17/2021”

PB – Holy Roller Q at Bayside 6 17 21

Tomorrow we will use our coupon to get stronger. We might do a manmaker. Come out to Bayside (Martha Lane Collins High School) and make a memory. If you haven’t been to this AO yet, venture on out with me! If this is your home AO, looking forward to seeing you again too. Gloves areContinue reading “PB – Holy Roller Q at Bayside 6 17 21”

BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss

Since the Lake is a beautiful sight in the early morning darkness of the Abyss, I wanted the PAX to get to experience it from all angles. That’s kind of how it started. Got there a little early to plant 7 lights around the loop road, unequally spaced, but most placed strategically around the views.Continue reading “BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss”

6/9/21 BP Holy Roller Q – Escalator @ The Abyss

Hey, its only 9:30 PM Pelican and I am getting this PB out there! Come on out to the Abyss tomorrow (Wednesday). I promise that we will stay together, sort of. Bring a coupon and gloves. And a great attitude. And a friend. We might get wet but that will just cool us down. IContinue reading “6/9/21 BP Holy Roller Q – Escalator @ The Abyss”

PB- Holy Roller Q at The Patriot (BO)

Tomorrow 0530 we will honor our heroes. Bring a coupon, running shoes, and a thankful heart as we remember with each curl, with each Big Boy, with each step, all who have and are serving to keep us a free Nation under God and indivisible. The name of the Thang is ‘Liberty and Justice’. SeeContinue reading “PB- Holy Roller Q at The Patriot (BO)”