BP – Swag Q 9 17 21 – Defender at The Patriot

I’ll bet you thought tomorrow was just a normal Friday.  But 49 years ago, little did we know,  television history was being made before our very eyes.  One of the greatest television shows of all time debuted, M*A*S*H.  Come out to the most appropriate AO to celebrate such an iconic tv show and show ourContinue reading “BP – Swag Q 9 17 21 – Defender at The Patriot”

PB 9 14 2021 Holy Roller Q – Loco at The County

Tuesday will be a good day. Especially if you start it with your F3 Brothers. Get up and get out! Make that decision now and stick to it. If you are so inclined to do that, you should come on out to The County (St. Als in Pewee Valley, which is my home town byContinue reading “PB 9 14 2021 Holy Roller Q – Loco at The County”

BB – Nest at The County – Holy Roller Q 9/4/21

Good Pain! That was our theme for this workout. 0700 Welcome, disclaimer, and started with some warm-up exercises. Explained that we were going to love our coupons. We did a few more things (heard LePew groan a few times about burpees and mapmakers, but he did them with style). Explained the main thing: 6 Stations-Continue reading “BB – Nest at The County – Holy Roller Q 9/4/21”

PB 9/4/21 The Nest at The County – “Good Pain”

I think this might be my first Q at the Nest. That said, I learned some new stuff from our Q (Jag) this morning in Arlington, VA. He is a Marine and some of that came out. Tomorrow we will use a couple of those things, move a lot, but not go far. Bring yourContinue reading “PB 9/4/21 The Nest at The County – “Good Pain””

PB 8/27/21 Holy Roller Q School- Defender at the Patriot

Good evening! I sure do hope to see you tomorrow. After a great 4 days of Q school by amazing Q’s, come on out tomorrow- Friday. My goal is for you to leave having learned one thing that you didn’t know about Q’ing (or something else). Might just be a new exercise. If you comeContinue reading “PB 8/27/21 Holy Roller Q School- Defender at the Patriot”

BB Holy Roller Q @ Bayside 6/17/2021

Was a beautiful morning at Bayside for a few ManMakers. Actually, I haven’t seen a morning yet anywhere that isn’t perfect for a few ManMakers. If you haven’t been to this AO you are missing out. Some strong PAX here. Rolled in with about 5 minutes to get set up, but only had one pieceContinue reading “BB Holy Roller Q @ Bayside 6/17/2021”

PB – Holy Roller Q at Bayside 6 17 21

Tomorrow we will use our coupon to get stronger. We might do a manmaker. Come out to Bayside (Martha Lane Collins High School) and make a memory. If you haven’t been to this AO yet, venture on out with me! If this is your home AO, looking forward to seeing you again too. Gloves areContinue reading “PB – Holy Roller Q at Bayside 6 17 21”

BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss

Since the Lake is a beautiful sight in the early morning darkness of the Abyss, I wanted the PAX to get to experience it from all angles. That’s kind of how it started. Got there a little early to plant 7 lights around the loop road, unequally spaced, but most placed strategically around the views.Continue reading “BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss”

6/9/21 BP Holy Roller Q – Escalator @ The Abyss

Hey, its only 9:30 PM Pelican and I am getting this PB out there! Come on out to the Abyss tomorrow (Wednesday). I promise that we will stay together, sort of. Bring a coupon and gloves. And a great attitude. And a friend. We might get wet but that will just cool us down. IContinue reading “6/9/21 BP Holy Roller Q – Escalator @ The Abyss”

PB- Holy Roller Q at The Patriot (BO)

Tomorrow 0530 we will honor our heroes. Bring a coupon, running shoes, and a thankful heart as we remember with each curl, with each Big Boy, with each step, all who have and are serving to keep us a free Nation under God and indivisible. The name of the Thang is ‘Liberty and Justice’. SeeContinue reading “PB- Holy Roller Q at The Patriot (BO)”

PB- Holy Roller Q – The Foundry at the County 5/26/21

Good Evening, or Morning, depending on when you read this. Please roll on out to The County – St. Al’s in Pewee Valley on Wednesday. And yes that is the correct spelling of “Pewee” Valley (my Dad was mayor for 16 years so I should know. He spent most of his time Mayoral time gettingContinue reading “PB- Holy Roller Q – The Foundry at the County 5/26/21”

BB Holy Roller Q – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

What a beautiful morning for a drive to Shelby County to hang out with the Studs at Bayside. Goal was to form memories by engaging all of our senses. When that happens our memories get to our hippocampus (that’s where our long term memories reside). So we saw the 2 boards with only 4 exercisesContinue reading “BB Holy Roller Q – The Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

PB- Holy Roller Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside

Good evening (or good morning if you are already sleeping). Pelican says I post this stuff to late, but I want to catch the night owls and those of you that are morning people. Come out tomorrow (0530 at martha layne collins high school) and enjoy some You vs You memories. We will need bringContinue reading “PB- Holy Roller Q – Big Kapowski @ Bayside”

Pre Blast 4/23/2021 BO LaGrange The Oldham County Courthouse Square

Friday, 0530 The Courthouse Square Main Street LaGrange. Meet at the Statue of Colonel William Oldham (I think Pelican knows his fake name). We will do some running, but short distances. We will use a coupon. We will get to know Main Street and some tourist destinations, and do left turns only. And 13 simpleContinue reading “Pre Blast 4/23/2021 BO LaGrange The Oldham County Courthouse Square”

Back Blast 4/15/2021 Holy Roller Q The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks

Thinking that I surprised some with the “no Nuclear Manmaker” promise. We did do some other fun stuff. Yep, we started together and ended together with: Boss Hog, Flex Seal, Yankovic, Cochran, Honey Do, Abacus, Bulletin, Wildflower, Captain Crunchberry, Holy Roller (Q) Disclaimers and a quick warm up with 30 mountain climbers, Captain Crunchberry madeContinue reading “Back Blast 4/15/2021 Holy Roller Q The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks”

Pre-Blast 4/15/2021 The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks

Come on out to the Boondocks in the morning for a full body workout. We will move, and get this – YES Coupons. There will be no nuclear manmakers though. We will be doing what I call a Spartan workout. If you like to run a little, come on out. If you like to doContinue reading “Pre-Blast 4/15/2021 The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks”

BackBlast 4/8/21 Holy Roller – Agony @ the County

Simple Agony. Move and keep moving. We exercised our heart muscles today for 44 minutes. At about 34 minutes into the workout, we did nothing for 1 minute.Disclaimer, and a mosey. Then a few SSH, Merkins, SSH, Merkins, SSH and mosey with coupon to the main thing in the parking lot. 13 strong HIMs today:BossContinue reading “BackBlast 4/8/21 Holy Roller – Agony @ the County”

BackBlast 4/6/21 Holy Roller – Loco @ the County

In the preblast I provided synonyms for Loco. That describes what this workout was, Loco. It was a beautiful morning in Pewee Valley, so I thought we would take some time off campus and sort of mosey up and down Mt Mercy…with our friend, the coupon.All Pax accounted for: Wildflower, Hush Puppy, Yankovic (R )Continue reading “BackBlast 4/6/21 Holy Roller – Loco @ the County”

PreBlast 4/6/2021 Holy Roller Q – The Loco @ The County

Loco: around the bend, balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kookie, kooky, loony, loopy, nuts, nutty, round the bend, wacky, whackyYou will understand what my understanding of “Loco” is if you come to the County tomorrow (Tuesday) at 0530. (My first Q in a while too, so going to try at least one new thing with a coupon.) We will count up but not down. We will move. Cardio forContinue reading “PreBlast 4/6/2021 Holy Roller Q – The Loco @ The County”

PB 2/15/21 – LaGrange – Patriot BO @ Oldham County Courthouse

Monday morning 0530. Just checked the weather again and looks like a little snow, 20 degrees and a great place for a workout. We will warm up quick and stay warm… There won’t be too many Manmakers, but the goal will be to make us better men! Meet at the Statue of Colonel William OldhamContinue reading “PB 2/15/21 – LaGrange – Patriot BO @ Oldham County Courthouse”

BackBlast Wisteria@Pleasantville Co-Q 12/11/20

What a Pleasant morning it was. 45 degrees and the stars were out. PAX saw at least two shooting stars (and maybe imagined some during the workout). It was a battle of good and evil. Strong HIMs:HeimlichWildFlowerFockerSump PumpPlumb BobTimeshareHushPuppyDiablo Q – Holy Roller Q COTHoly Roller lead a Mosey around the park, grab coupons andContinue reading “BackBlast Wisteria@Pleasantville Co-Q 12/11/20”

Back Blast – Loco @ Pleasantville – Holy Roller Q 11/17/2020

Woke up and was trying to remember if it was Friday cause I was headed to Pleasantville. Nope, Tuesday and Loco. Arrived about 8 minutes early and Hushpuppy, Muncher and Focker were ready to go. Ran to the Amphitheater to set up and back up. By that time we were 3 minutes from go timeContinue reading “Back Blast – Loco @ Pleasantville – Holy Roller Q 11/17/2020”

PreBlast : Loco@Pleasantville -Holy Roller Q -11/17/2020

Good evening. Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 0530 come out and experience a Loco Bootcamp workout at Pleasantville. You heard correct, I was going to Q Loco@The County, but change of venue was needed and a Pleasant site this one is. We will stay moving, bring your coupon, gloves, and meet at the Amphitheater at Norton Commons.Continue reading “PreBlast : Loco@Pleasantville -Holy Roller Q -11/17/2020”

BackBlast – Holy Roller Q Escalator @ The Abyss 11/4/20

I arrived a few minutes early to take a drive around the park loop and finalize PT locations for our journey today. The one light in that park was actually on this morning when I pulled in. Of course with the amazing clear sky, we didn’t really need it, but was nice to know thatContinue reading “BackBlast – Holy Roller Q Escalator @ The Abyss 11/4/20”

PB- Holy Roller Q – Elevator @ The Abyss

Good evening. Wanted to be the last to BLAST for tomorrow (yes Wednesday). There will be some rolling of the dice (yes I am…Holy Roller). Coupons, gloves, yes and yes. I truly hope that you will come out to the darkest AO in Louisville with me and see some stars! We will move, get inContinue reading “PB- Holy Roller Q – Elevator @ The Abyss”

Brown Tail (VQ) The Foundry @ the County 11/04/20

Get ready to FEEL THE BURN!!.  Your arm, legs, shoulders and chest are going to get a beat down!!!  You might want to start stretching now!!   Assortment of Musical Hits to include Motivational, Teeny Pop, Old School Rap, Praise and Worship and Patriotic!   Bring you coupons, gloves and a can do attitude!!!  SYITG Semper Fi and GodContinue reading “Brown Tail (VQ) The Foundry @ the County 11/04/20”

PB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville 10/30/2020 – Ghost Q

Friday, yes tomorrow. Come you, come all! We have a Ghost Q that will make you want to come back every time his name is mentioned. Head to the Norton Commons Amphitheater and at 0530, you will experience a “Spooky Workout” with no coupons. (seems like every time I say no coupons, you show up).Continue reading “PB – Wisteria @ Pleasantville 10/30/2020 – Ghost Q”