BB- 7/11/22 The Patriot – Holy Roller Q

Another beautiful morning in LaGrange and perfect for a workout on heartbreak hill. Yesterday Rip Van Winkle asked me if I was ready to Q… I thought, ‘how crazy was I to sign up for that two days after a Spartan Race?’ And after “consulting” with Malpractice on the Theme of the workout and knowing that Snaggletooth would love some slow mapmakers, the Theme became slow and steady.

Snaggletooth, Focker, Ruby :respect:, Viking, Rip Van Winkle, Saul Goodman, Bunion, Patty, Malpractice, Colonel Klink, SQL, Kitty Litter :respect:Holy Roller (Q) :respect:

We started with a warm up of 10 count = 1 downward dog, merkins (started hearing some groaning, but I think it might have been the excitement building for the workout to come), then we did some more and moved to heartbreak hill with coupons.

Knowing that the hill had fresh pavement, I thought that we might be good to mark it with some coupons and not let on to Boss Hog. So we did 10 count stuff and then did coupon bear crawls down the hill. If you were not there, you would have loved the marked pavement and the smell of the burning coupons. The amazing HIMS that were there never (almost) complained. We did all of the 10 things together. Like 10 count manmakers. You should have seen these PAX doing diamond merkins after doing wide and close merkins. You all were strong! Focker was doing perfect form. Ruby was encouraging every one. Colonel Klink was intimidating me. SQL and Patty were wanting more than I had to give. And you should have seen Kitty Litter tossing up dust moving so fast. Saul was steady as a rock with every exercise. Malpractice had his strongest workout ever. Viking was just wishing to push me off the gangplank! Snaggletooth was working (Boss Hog letting you know so you can prosecute) to make the biggest mark on the pavement of anyone. Oh and Bunion, he is a new beast!

We made it back after the train in perfect form and has COT. We need to slow down, can even be more impactful when we do. Prayer and thankful for the ability to slow down and change lives. SYITG Holy Roller

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