PB Holy Roller Q – The Defender at The Patriot (Friday) 6/3/2022

2 Minutes after I asked Patty to take over the reigns as Site Q, he asked me to Q his first one! So here I come. Tomorrow we will do some exploring of LaGrange and some of the new and exciting projects coming to town. They all are perfect sites for a little coupon use, so make sure and bring those with you (or we have an extra stash if you need one). We will get stronger along the way.

Come on, text at least one of those PAX that you have not seen in two weeks or more and join me for my first Q for Patty. It will be a simple workout and you will feel better at 6:16. 5:30 at the Statue in front of the Courthouse. 100 West Main Street, LaGrange, KY.

SYITG, Holy Roller

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