Pre and Back Blasts for BO Run @ EP Tom Sawyer – 06.01.2022

Leadership saw the possible interest in a run only workout. Jewel asked if I would help facilitate starting it. I reached out to a few runners from AO’s across the region to gauge interest, and verify a central location would work.

It was decided EP Tom Sawyer was about 15 minute drive from most AO’s. The large parking lot also gives options for tempo / speed work.

When I posted a teaser to mumblechatter, there was no shortage of HC’s.

As I pulled in, there were a few cars already parked, and stretching was taking place. As the seconds ticked away, at 0529 I started to give a disclaimer, and provided a brief plan for the morning.

We started with a lap around the parking lot. From playing with Google Maps, it is about .4 miles around the lot. The mentality here was that it would provide a cushion to any late comers. Sure enough, we had only made it about 100 yards from the starting point and some headlights came racing through the lot. The PAX continued the warmup lap, and I circled back to pick up the late arrival (Patty.)

Once we completed the warmup lap, I asked if anyone needed additional stretching. Then we went out for an out and back run. We would exit the parking lot, turn right, and then proceed into Indian Springs. Follow the main road all the way to Westport Road, and back. Once you returned to the parking lot, it was another lap to cool down, or as needed to achieve your distance goal. My watch recorded right at 4 miles.

We finished with some stretching at the flag.

15 PAX made this inaugural trip to this BO, which will continue all summer long. The PAX in attendance were:

  1. Glowsticks
  2. Honey Do
  3. Nat Geo
  4. Harry Caray
  5. Dot
  6. Patty
  7. Huggies
  8. Easy Pass
  9. Handbook
  10. Wide Right
  11. Newman
  12. Virginia Slims
  13. Jewel
  14. Viking
  15. Captain Crunchberry

It will be interesting to see how many make this a regular workout, and if there are some that just pop in to change things up.

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