BB – BO @ Goshen with Sump Pump 6/2/2022

The chance of rain was high, but the chance of getting better was 100%. No Rain, Temps in the High 60’s and moist air quality.

13 made it their day to come out and learn the core principles of F3. We only did burpees once for an incorrect answer.

PAX: Depends (FNG), Viking, Spaz,Pork Chop, Beans, Steve-O, Lightfoot, Maytag, Sewanee, HBK, Virginia Slims, Flexseal, Sump Pump (Q)(R)

A quick warmup that included Steve Earles and Sixty second Arm circles and some other standard stuff.

Thang 1 – 1 mile Indian run where we stopped every second street light and did rotating 10 counts of Merkins, Flutter Kicks, and Plank Jacks in cadence.

Thang 2 – Modified Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS) count off 1s&2s and form two lines 6 stripes apart. All coupons on one line. Group 1 does a shuttle run and picks up a coupon at the other group’s line, returns coupon to his line, then retrieves the second coupon. Group 2 starts with 25 merkins. SSH until all are complete. Switch when group 1 is complete.
R1: 25 Merkins R2: 20 BBs, R3: 20 Merkins, R4: 15 BBs, R5: 15 Merkins, R6: 10 BBs.

Thang 3 – Crazy Indian – P1 against wall of a building in BTTW position. P2 mosey to parking lot for 1 manmaker and return to relive P1. Repeat 5 times.

4 more merkins.

Countorama/Nameoramo (welcome FNG Depends) and Intentions both said and unsaid. @f3mcafee and his swim team.

Until next time.


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