PB 9/3/2022 Saturday @ The Patriot – Holy Roller Q

One thing I love about Q’ing at The Patriot is all of the options – flat, covered, hills, parks, city blocks, alleys, parking lots, statues and railroad tracks. As I write this, I am stuck waiting on a flight in Dallas, day dreaming about tomorrow morning’s workout with you. I selected one of the options listed above and decided to simply focus on that.

Get up, brush your teeth and get out here (please). Guess what! you will need a coupon. We won’t go far fast. Focus will be to stay focused on the task at hand. Text one HIM tonight and let them know you will be at the Patriot tomorrow. SYA Oldham County Courthouse, 100 West Main Street, LaGrange, KY. 0700 – 0800. Holy Roller

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