9-3-2022 Pre-Blast DR Q at The Nest @ The County

It is not often that we get a Down Range 5-year Postaversary Q (I am going out on a limb and assuming this is the first), but that is exactly what we have on tap at The Nest tomorrow as Bourbon from F3 Black Swamp is in town and has the Q @ at The County.  No coupons needed. Let’s get out and support a Down Range HIM and #MTCGA at the same time! 

Here is the pre-blast from Bourbon…

PAX – join Bourbon, nan’tan from F3 Black Swamp (starfish from F3 Toledo for you GrowRuck 009 graduates) as he celebrates his 5-year F3 Anniversary with the Q at The Nest on Saturday 9/3. Put in some work with someone from down range (or is it up range?) and get a jump start to your weekend. Do you have what it takes to hit the jackpot in Lucky 7’s?!?  SYITG!

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