BB – Nest at The County – Holy Roller Q 9/4/21

Good Pain! That was our theme for this workout.

0700 Welcome, disclaimer, and started with some warm-up exercises. Explained that we were going to love our coupons. We did a few more things (heard LePew groan a few times about burpees and mapmakers, but he did them with style). Explained the main thing: 6 Stations- and follow the instructions in between. Divided into two groups and said was you vs you, but the PAX stayed together. These guys burned though most of this. 20 Manmakers, Bear Crawl (with coupon) to the next station, 40 Big Boys, Bear Crawl (with coupon) to the next station, 60 Curls, Rifle Carry to next station, 80 Merkins, Farmer carry, 120 Leg Lifts, Murder Bunny to Next Station and 100 Bench Presses, Shoulder Carry – rinse and repeat.

Octodad looked like he experienced a great workout with the remnants of his coupon and sweat all over his shirt. Timeshare did the work with ease (at least he made it look that way), Cochran with his barbells- yep, somehow he made it all work with barbells, the guy is amazing with those things. Husky made the work look like this was something that he does for fun. Tenderfoot, that guy was looking strong! Apples has been working out at WKU, keeping fit in the gym, but looks like this one challenged some different muscles, Jerry Maguire showed up early for this one. I could tell that he was truly excited to get to do those 120 bench presses with his water logged coupon, but he did them with style and grace. Buckshot just drove through the entire workout, should have seen him doing those curls. I think he did extra for fun. Hot Tamale worked up a good sweat and looked like he was having fun (I really think the look on his face was a constant grimace). Tenderfoot ran through the stations like an expert at this stuff. Froid, from the Nashville area, seemed to gain some respect for the PAX here. He did say he will come back on Monday! Pelican ran with Airplane and Valdez and joined us in the circle so Im not sure how hard he worked, but he was sweating (that is really unusual for him (insert smily face).

Timeshare, Le Pew, Buckshot, Husky, Hot Tamale, Octodad, Apples, Pelican, Jerry Maguire (R), Cochran, Tenderfoot, Froid (DR from Nashville area), Holy Roller (Q)(R)

We did some mary and each of the PAX had their turn. Ended with a couple Manmakers. Circled up- Count, Names, Announcements, and Intentions. Pelican tased for prayer for a client and friend. She lost her house in a fire and then her Husband passed away from complications with Covid. We prayed for us to be men that are the examples to our community, family, friends. Ended with the Lord’s prayer. Good Work HIMs

Pain is a gift from God. If we didn’t have pain, we would not understand the joys of life and we all have to go through pain to get better. That’s how we learn not to touch a hot stove. We grow with pain. We get stronger with pain and that is what we did today.

SYITG, Holy Roller

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