BB- Patty Q – The Defender at The Patriot 4/29/22

A Friday at the Patriot always brings a good amount of mumble chatter and energy from a week of great workouts and atoday was no exception. We hit 0530, disclaimer was given and we were off. 

Malpractice, Mannequin, Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, Honeycomb, Holy Roller (R), Ruby (R), Xerox, Focker, Dinghy, Single Source, Boss Hog, Furdays, Swag, Patty (Q)

For the warm up, we moseyed around the Courthouse and came back for some SSH, Toy Soldiers (but I called out Imperial Walkers), Right over Left, Caitlyn Jenner, arm circles and then moseyed over to the parking lot for the main Thang. 

The Thang:

We did a “Twin’s Dora” where we got to celebrate  your Q’s twin girl’s birthday. For the first half we worked Arms for Abby and the second half we worked Legs for Lila. Here is the WO:

Between 2 partners we exercised:

Abby’s Arms- 150 merkins, 150 curls, 150 overhead press, Travel was down the hill – do 5 Merkins- back up the hill to finish out the reps. 

Lila’s Legs – 150 squats, 150 lunges (single count), 150 mountain climbers (they were 2 count, but Focker let me know that was not a thing and we switched to 4 count) Travel was also down the hill – do 5 SSH- back up the hill to finish out the reps. 

**those who finished early picked up the 6 or did BB sit ups. 

We then had a few minutes left so we finished with sprints up Heartbreak Hill. Groups of 7 sprinted up the hill and finished with 5 merkins at the top. We did this twice and finished up back at the Patriot statue for COT. 

Announcements (Bigfoot Hunt, a building opportunity with Focker for his niece, Derby BO with breakfast, monthly Ruck May 20th)

Intentions were given to many of those suffering loss of loved ones, battling illness, parenting, and being leaders in your family and community. How lucky and grateful are we to have the ability to exercise our bodies and make ourselves and each other better?? Iron sharpens Iron and I hope this is the hardest thing we do today. 

Until next time. -Patty

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