Pre-Blast – BO Run @ KDF Marathon/Half Marathon

Some leaders lead from the front. You know if you are one of these PAX. You knock out your reps and then encourage others to follow suite. You are that cheerleader across from across the lot, pushing your fellow PAX to get better.

Trying to lead a group of runners from the front is a whole different ballgame. Everyone runs at different paces. Some guys are comfortable at 9 minute miles, but can be pushed to something faster. Others need something closer to 10 minutes or more to achieve the same goal.

For me personally I can’t lead from the front when it comes to running. My pace isn’t as fast or consistent as others. But what I can do is help move the roadblocks and put training hurdles in front of you. And when you get to the end, hopefully you will feel prepared.

Several PAX have put in the work over the last 12-16 weeks. My own training plan covered approximately 170+ miles over that time period. Some of the faster guys have likely covered more.

Tomorrow all you need is your race bib, running shoes, and the confidence that you have put in the training, and are ready to crush it.

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