BB- 2/10/22 Holy Roller Q – Cloverleaf at The Garden

Arrived in just enough time to set up. At 0530 with coupon in hand, phone and speaker in the other, moseyed up to the circle of some good looking strong Garden Pax. I was fumbling to get some Country Music playing while giving disclaimers. Well, “great way to start Holy Roller” (that was playing in my head as we were doing side straddle hops). Did some SSH and then Downward Dog and then moseyed to the Coupon bin that contains a dumpster for some reason.

We moved into position for everyone’s favorite “Coupon Stretches”. After the stretches that felt good we moved to the Main Thang.

6 boards with the assignments painted on each. UP the hill. Started with 20 ManMakers and Bear Crawl up the hill to the next station. Did 120 Leg Lifts. Catfish, after Bear Crawling to the next station, turned around and came back to show us the proper way to do a leg lift and work those abs. On to 100 Bench Presses. Shoulder carried to the 40 Big Boy station for some more ab work. Next shoulder carry to the last station at the top of the hill – 80 Merkins. Once we competed the UP, we moseyed with our coupon DOWN the other hill to sort of rinse and repeat. Time to head to the flag and one last UP & DOWN thing was a minute of burpees. Time was called.

COT Announcements – Ruck on the 18th. Intentions – Husky surgery tomorrow, a friend of Catfish and Holy Roller’s Arron Flaker – Colon Cancer Surgery and remember the family that had a tragic accident a couple years ago. Holy Roller explained the UP & DOWN theme. We go through life and all have ups and downs. When we are up we need to remember to reach out and look for those that are down. It is our obligation as men in life to pick them UP. God give us the UPs so we can do that. And when we are DOWN, be humble and ask for help. I lost my mother and father last year and had a knee surgery and then replacement and along the way, our F3 brothers were there- encouraging and being present. Thankful for you all. Got clearance from the Dr and PT yesterday and signed up for my next Spartan. Thank you for helping me back UP. Let’s be those men today that look for that one to lift UP.

SYITG, Holy Roller

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