BB- Mannequin VQ – The Defender at The Patriot 2/11/22

On 2.9.22 I volunteered to do my first Q on a whim, and I feel like it went pretty well! We had 18 attend and with the help of Holy Roller we did a football themed, team based workout! Basic workout and then we split into two teams.  I broke the sidewalk into yard markers with two teams of 9 starting in each end zone.  Here’s the exercises:
10 yard mark – 10 Burpess
20 – big boys
30 – Merkins
40 – flutter kicks
50 – Set ups
40 – flutter kicks
30 – Merkins
20 – Big Boys
10 – BurpeesThen we ran a lap together around the courthouse.  Another caveat was that the entire group was to complete the exercises at each yard marker before moving on.  Some  HIMS who finished ahead picked up extra reps to help the group complete that yard mark station. We were all able to make it down the field twice and around the courthouse. We ended in some stretches, announcements and intentions.  I prayed us out. 

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