2.11.22 Back Blast: Pleasantville

I always like to have a plan. But believe it or not this was the first time ever I intentionally didn’t write up my wienke in preparation the night before. If I’m honest, it seemed a little weird and left me feeling kind of nervous. But Glen Ross taught me long ago you can literally show up the day of with no plan and you have enough to pull from to make it work. The goal for today was to keep this one nice and simple. Log in some running miles and do some PT along the way. The night before Abacus reached out to me to see if we needed a coupon. My reply was, “no coupon, no Tabata” to which he immediately replied, “HC.” Nice! We were at least going to have enough for an official workout. Wouldn’t even have to ask Jewel if it could be counted. As it turned out, 3 others would join us…

PAX: Abacus, Sump Pump (R), Viking, Air Raid (R) & BigBird (Q)

0530 on this 35 degree morning, disclaimer was given and off we would go on our 45 minute jaunt around the neighborhood of Norton Commons. We would get in about an eighth of a mile before…

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Runners Stretch and down for Pigeon Stretch on each side to work out the hip flexors. It was here that Sump Pump would incorporate Sgt Hulka’s unique style of counting. Throughout the workout it was like a test to see who could be the most creative with their counting style. They were all good and I’m sure you’ll hear them again at a workout near you.

The Main Thang: was of course the running as we would log in a little over 3 miles. That said, we made stops along the way for merkins, burpees & some sort of leg complex. At one point during our run Sump said he didn’t recall seeing in the pre blast to expect this much running. Welp, I know Mutters aren’t the best at following direction but when the pre blast says lace up your running shoes because we are going to take a tour around the neighborhood…YHC figured that would be enough explanation whilst still leaving the mystique out there. Sump pushed through and fortunately his enlarged ventricle didn’t give him any issues to make Viking have to put into practice his CPR certification training from years ago.

Another little sidebar: we were talking about how we have yet to headlock anyone (despite numerous PAX best efforts) from the Norton Commons neighborhood in the 3 years that it’s been a Friday AO. Your Bird figured we would try to recruit some early morning risers by making a stop in front of the large workout room window at the entrance to the Norton Commons YMCA to show them a bit of what we do…FOR FREE!! Viking made the fantastic suggestion that we do some dips on the bike bollards so we did a quick set of 10 to flex our triceps and show off our superior dip form. Unfortunately, still no recruits…

Continued on with our run and PT stops until we would eventually arrive back at the startex at 0613. Time enough for 10 more burpees, 10 4 count merkins, about 45 seconds of yoga and 20 IC American Hammers.

Stayed circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Made some announcements (Winter Olympics ruck event) and lifted up some intentions (prayers and best wishes for Husky – surgery to put him back together today). Before sending us out in prayer made a comment about being a part of a small intimate group. Large groups are cool and can be great for the ego to the QIC but the smaller groups can sometimes be where the magic happens. We worked hard today. Ran over 3 miles and I show burning about 500 calories but it didn’t seem like work. Some fantastic mumble chatter and hangout time with 4 of my boys was the recipe for today. Thanks fellas for making it out with me!

Until next time…


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