BackBlast 4/27/22 – Holy Roller Q The Range at The Patriot

Was a NICE morning in LaGrange with Rip Van Winkle, Snaggletooth, FurDays, GMO, Swag, Shade Tree, Layover and your Q, Holy Roller. Disclaimer, and then tried a new warmup this morning. Figured we are in a circle around a structure that is a circle and in the middle is a statue, might as well use what we have. So, we did High Knees while moving and counting around the statue- in a counter clockwise circle. Then SSHops the same motion, Merkins while moving around the circle and what Swag is calling the “Holy Roller” is a BB Sit-up and and then roll to the next BB Sit up. Finally we did burpees while moving around the circle.

The Thang, We moseyed to the closest corner and the Thang was revealed. Run hard to the next intersection, do 5 burpees, run and pick up the six, do burpees until everyone is done and then we together start run to the next block. Then we did 10 Diamond Merkins and finished with even more together with the six. Run to the next intersection and do 10 BB Sit-ups in proper form and pick up the six and finish together. Repeated that until we were at the fire house. Did 4 count Burpees in good form. The 2 count Diamond Merkins in parking lot 2, did BB Sit-ups in parking lot 3 and then went back through the same. Remembering to follow my count seemed hard for the overachievers (or just wanted to finish quicker) Rip Van Winkle and Snaggletooth were out in front most of the time doing as such. I thought we would be able to run back to the six when planning, but these PAX kept up well. I think Layover was trying to figure out what was NICE about this morning and kept pushing! Shade Tree was trying to figure out if were were going to do 50 or 70 BB Sit Ups in the firehouse parking lot. And he was ready to go to 70 when we did stop at 50. FurDays pushed through and the HIM just keep showing up strong! I could tell that GMO loved the Burpees, he didn’t say it though, but I could just sense it. Swag did he work as site Q well and set the example for us. I caught Snaggletooth moving ahead in the count one last time and then he relented to follow… These are some strong HIMs and we were able to get to move around parts of downtown that we haven’t seen much. Well done!

We circled up for cool down – burpee style and then COT. Focker had the flags at his Q at the County so we had one little flag were circled around. Announcements were – Derby Saturday morning 0700 – 0800 BO workout and then walk to Catlett’s for 2nd F breakfast together. Theme today was working together is better than working alone. We need other men in our lives. Be the man that is the example today. Prayed us out.

SYITG Holy Roller

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