April 27, 2022 – Back Blast – The Tank at Vets

Weather: Just below 40 degrees. Not much wind if any. No rain, nice and dry. Perfect.

PAX: Bombay, Soups, Worm, Lockbox, Vincent, Sgt Hulka, Kilo, Diablo, Meatball, Tony Malito, Harry Carey, Diane Dukes, Jewel

Q: Stick Up

It has been a while since YHC has Q’d the men at vets through a beat down. As I pulled in to the parking lot, it was evident, it was going to be an interesting morning. Diablo, like a madman, was over there swinging the hammer on a tire while Kilo and Worm stood around watching. No surprise. As we waited for 0530 to finally hit, more and more of the SLT began showing up. 80% leadership participation at one AO. Performance evaluation time. We forgot to tell the vets guys but figured they wouldn’t mind. They have been on the watchlist for sometime now. Good thing the Site Q made his once a quarter appearance.

After some pleasantries were exchanged 0530 hit and YHC lead with the disclaimer. Once finished it was time for a mosey. We headed past the chopper down the hill and around towards the lower parking lot/ball fields. The police kept us moving so we circled back up to the Jeffersonian, through the lot into the church parking lot and circled up for COP. This is the exact point things took a turn. The plan was to use that lower lot. Not any more. By the time we circled up it was quite loud with the chatter.

COP: SSH x 20, Grass Grabbers x10, Toy Soldiers x10, Hillbillies x10, Downward Dog, LoR, Left Left, RoL, Right Right. Time to mosey back. We took off towards the seal and the coupons.

THANG 1: 20 rounds of 1 Thruster, 2 Weighted Squats, 4 Weighted Step Ups. Had to bring the hard, grinding work ethic of Posh to the boys. After 5 rounds we picked up our coupons and headed back down to the Jeffersonian lot.

THANG 2: Partner up along the curb. P1 runs to the far end of the lot and completes 15 merkins while P2 stays and AMRAPs Weighted Squats. 3 total rounds. The complaining was getting stronger.

THANG 3: All pax gathered at the corner island to receive the next set of instructions. 5 burpees, run across the lot to the next island, 5 burpees, run diagonal to the 3 island, 5 burpees, run across to the 4th island, 5 burpees, run diagonal to the 5th island, 5 burpees, run across to the 6th island, 5 burpees. Several Pax Zigged when they were told to Zag but ya know, modify when necessary. Once complete run back to island two and gather again. Less complaining this point, several dudes were confused though.

THANG 4: Same pattern as above except, 10 squats at each island and Bernie Sanders between each island. Once complete back to the coupons. By now, guys have had a chance to catch their breath. Suggestions on what we can do next were being tossed around by almost everyone. The participation in the workout was truly impressive.

THANG 5: Grab your coupon and mosey down along the creek and up the hill back to the flags. Rather quiet run at this point with some complaining from unexpected sources. Otherwise, a very peaceful way to tie up the morning.

Mary for 1 minute.

COP: countOrama, nameOrama, Announcements, Intentions, words of thanks. Its always an honor to lead the PAX. Thank you guys for showing up.

Stick Up

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