BB- Holy Roller Q- Agony at The County 3/31/22

We celebrated hard stuff at the County this morning. Designed the workout so we would get wet. Well we did, but that was wet from sweat not from the rain.

Devitto, Hardwood and Timeshare showed up with determination! We moseyed with our coupons while I gave the disclaimers. Stopped for a few seconds at station 1 to drop our coupons and then headed for a short mosey to the parking lot for a quick stretch. Mosey back to the playground to review station 2 exercises. The to station 1. The THANG was: Do one exercise at station 1, mosey to station 2 and do one exercise, and bear crawl back to station 1 and do the next and so on. Station 1 exercises: 25 Wall Merkins, 100 Curls, 42 OH Press, 50 Manmakers. Station 2 exercises were 20 pull ups, 42 Leg Raises, 25 W-M-Ds, 99 BB Sit-ups. We did one round of each and DeVitto led the PAX into the next round of Wall Merkins. Had to cut it short because of time. Should have seen Timeshare cranking out those Pull-ups as he mumbled thank goodness for that pull-up challenge! Hardwood seemed to love every exercise. During one exercise he even asked where I was Q’ing next. Humbling to think that he can’t wait to get to the next one. Well done HIMs!

We moseyed back to the bb goal and did one minute of coupon stretches and time was called. COT announcements – encourage everyone to come to April 23rd convergence. Ask your neighbor and their neighbor to join in too. April 9th demolition project at HighPoint in LaGrange. New Goshen BO Beginning in a couple weeks – go Viking! Intentions were listed and prayed for. Celebrating the life of my Mother who passed away last year and would have been 85 today. Celebrate life! SYITG, Holy Roller

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