Pre-Blast –Holy Roller Q – Agony at The County 3/31/2022

What a title! Agony. Not sure I can live up to that Title, but I will try my best. This crazy wind tonight makes me really excited for what the rain with it might bring in the morning. Come on HIMs, be there with me tomorrow. We will celebrate!

We will do some things in the rain. You will get wet, so if you would rather go to some gym or your basement – don’t come to the County. But when you come, bring a towel and your coupon. AND if you want to get better, you want to say ‘guess what I did this morning’, be the example to your family, be the strongest one in your office, and feel bad/good about it, COME TO THE COUNTY.

We will use your coupon – just a little. We will use our bodies – a lot, and we will be stronger. Come on, set that alarm, get up and “be the example” (that is what I used to tell my kids when they walked out the door each morning for school). Brush your teeth (that is still the morning secret). 0530- 0615 St. Aloysius Catholic Church in Pewee Valley, KY.

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