BackBlast – 6/9/21 Holy Roller Q The Escalator @ The Abyss

Since the Lake is a beautiful sight in the early morning darkness of the Abyss, I wanted the PAX to get to experience it from all angles. That’s kind of how it started.

Got there a little early to plant 7 lights around the loop road, unequally spaced, but most placed strategically around the views.

PAX present: Flip Flop
Uncle Sam (R)
Mr. Hat
Shark Bait
Holy Roller (R) (Q)

Disclaimers given. We warmed up with Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Hands to the sky, Arm Circles and High Knees. Grabbed our coupons and off we went into the darkness toward the first light. Before we headed out, instructions were given- to go at your own pace, we will do one of three exercises at each light and then go back and pick up the 6, do more until we are all done at that light and move on to the next. First light we did 10 BB sit-ups with coupon, mosey with coupon to the next light do 20 OH presses with coupon, head back, pick up the 6 and do more and then mosey to the third light and do 10 derkins. Mosey to 4th light and rinse and repeat the BB Sit-ups and the same for 5th, 6th and 7th lights around the lake. The last stop was at the basket ball courts where we did mapmakers. Flip Flop asked how many, and I, without thinking much, said “yes”. We circled up for some mary. These PAX is strong! Well done.

COT – Announcements and Intentions, for Squid, shared about sex trafficking awareness among F3 Men – please get the message out. Also, we have a F3 Louisville team doing a Tuff Mudder for this and raising funds for shelters for survivors. Theme of the workout was alway run/work your way toward the Light, even when there is darkness and we can’t directly see it. Ball of Man and prayed us out. Thank you for having me out to the Abyss!

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