PB 9 14 2021 Holy Roller Q – Loco at The County

Tuesday will be a good day. Especially if you start it with your F3 Brothers. Get up and get out! Make that decision now and stick to it. If you are so inclined to do that, you should come on out to The County (St. Als in Pewee Valley, which is my home town by the way) and experience a workout that I learned when I was in rural Indiana on Saturday morning. The casino fitness center was closed, so I went outside and worked up a sweat next to the golf course. When a few early morning golfers came by toward the end of the workout, they cheered me on as I was wrapping up. Must have looked strange by myself, but together we will look amazing!
Come on out, no coupon, no Manmakers, bring a FNG. Invite him right now.

SYITG, Holy Roller

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