BB- Holy Roller at The Patriot 2 4 22

Showed up a little early to set things up in the snow. I knew that with the snow it would be an amazing morning on Main Street in LaGrange so set things up and got back to the Statue. 8 PAX “braved” the streets to get here. I had promised fun and coupons.

Dedicated F3 Louisville Patriot PAX on Main Street in LaGrange in front of the Colonel William Oldham Statue on a snowy morning

Yankovic, RipVan Winkle, Malpractice, Mannequin, Viking, Swag, Layover, Holy Roller (Q)

Disclaimer and warm up, we did some arm circles, “HR coupon stretches”, (with some great mumble chatter going on) and some side straddle hops. Moseyed with our coupons across the street to the main thing. I could tell that the PAX were excited to get in the snow and keep doing coupon work, so we did the following:

100 Bench Presses, shoulder carry to next station, 20 Manmakers, bear crawl with coupon in the snow to next station, 80 Merkins, farmer carry to next station, 60 Curls, rifle carry to next station, 40 Big Boys w/coupon, bear crawl to next station, and 120 legs lifts. We turned around at the piano on Main Street and Murdered some bunnies back to the Big Boy Station and so on back to the 1st station.

I had no idea when I planned it, but the next thing we did was apparently on Viking’s bucket list: Line up across Main Street in LaGrange Kentucky in the snow and Murder Bunny across US Highway 50. After some more mumble chatter, we Rifle Carried back to the Colonel William Oldham statue and did dips until time was called.

COT – Announcements: 18th Winter Olympics Ruck, Dare to Care Saturday is still on. Mannequin tased for ideas on how to get you kid to do something other than screen time when they are on snow days like today. Yankovic suggested a screen fast for one week, his kids started reading and still do today, Holy Roller said send them outside. Intentions were for Husky and his upcoming surgery. He is such an inspiration to us all! And Holy Roller is thankful that his Doc released him to run and do crazy races. Closed out reading 1 Corinthians 9:25-26 about Self-Discipline. Reminded us that when we make a commitment to ourselves, like getting up for these workouts, to keep that commitment. Keep our commitments to others too. Run the race well. Prayed and out.

SYITG Blessed to Q this one with some dedicated PAX – Holy Roller

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