4-10-2022 BB The Nest at The County Brown Water Q

Weather was wet and cold mix of rain and flurries. Just another spring break week in the bluegrass.

Kitty Litter
Captain Crunchberry
Jolly Rancher
Brown Water Q

We started with a mosey to the front lot for COP of SSH, Toy Soldiers,
downward dog, runners stretch merkins, and michael phelps.  I threw in some burpees to help Giselle get to his 100 for the day and because Dauber and Pelican had the mumbel chatter going and no one could hear the exercises. We then moseyed back
to pick up our coupons and headed to the portico as precipitation was expected and I wanted to stay dry.

The Weinke was a reverse pyramid of sorts.  We would do 50 reps of coupon squats, Plank jacks, Curls, and SSH then run a lap together around the back lot.  2nd round was 40 reps of Mountain Climbers, big boys, and merkins then run a lap
30 reps of Overhead Press, coupon pull thrus, and bent over rows, run a lap
20 reps thrusters, purls, and lunges, run a lap
10 Manmakers run a lap

Thang 2 was 11s alternating with stepups and merkins

Everyone finished with time to spare despite the strong mumber chatter.  It was sweet to see how much Dauber and Pelican missed each other over spring break.

We returned to the flag for a few core exercies, name-o-rama, announcements of beer ruck and convergence, and intentions and closed with an Our Father.  It was a honor to help hold down the fort over spring break, thankful for those who joined us despite the crappy weather, and for everyone’s safe travels.  Till next time…
-Brown Water

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