BB Foundry @ The County Brown Water Q School 8-25-2021

Weather: Steamy upper 70s with what seemed like 100% humidity

Undertaker (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Brown Water (Q)

Strong group of 13 men gathered this morning for the 3rd day of Q School. Disclaimer was given and a quick mosey around the back lot before COP which consisted of SSH, Copperhead Squats, Runners Stretch, Merkins, and Grass Grabbers.

After COP we headed over to the lot and lined up lengthwise along the sidewalk for the Main Thang which was a heavy focused Billy Madison Style workout with following exercises:
1st Grade – Overhead Press
2nd – Calf Raises w Coupon
3rd – Dips
4th – Coupon Squats
5th – Merkins
6th – Benchpress
7th – Coupon Pull Thrus
8th – Curls
9th – Skull Crushers
10th – Rows
11th – Thrusters
12th – Man Makers

12 reps of each exercise, starting with 1st grade, once those 12 reps are completed then we would mosey, farmer carry, or rifle carry the short side of the parking lot and then repeat 1st grade and add on the next grade, ladder style all the way up. I knew Dauber would love the playlist which included songs from the early 90s, think Debbie Gibson, NKOTB, MC Hammer, etc. It was great to see Holy Roller off his crutches. We stopped with a few minutes left for Mary and did some LBCs, heartbreakers, and manmakers. Time was called and we circled up for count o rama, name o rama, announcements (sign up for Iron Pax, Dare to Care is coming up in September) and intentions. Ended with an Our Father.

Yesterday was my 2 year postiversary which honestly has gone by pretty quickly. I have started my days getting better with you HIMs 300+ times and it is always a pick me up physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thanks and I look forward to many more mornings in the gloom

Brown Water

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