Back Blast – 8/24 Q School – The Loco at the County – Hush Puppy Q

Professor Hush Puppy was pleased to see 14 PAX in attendance for Q School this morning including one FNG!

Pew Pew (R)
Jerry Maguire (R)
Mud Bug
Big Bird
Brown Water
AirRaid (R)
Asian Zing (R)
Undertaker (FNG)
Hush Puppy (Q)

We met under the hoops and disclaimer was given. I looked around to see a classroom full of F3 Vets. The idea that I was going to teach them anything was pretty funny but I did know I was going to bring a simple, solid, classic F3 beatdown strait out of the Exicon. DORA.

We set off on a quick mosey around the parking lot islands and met back at the hoops for COP. We then worked our way around the circle calling out stretches. Stuff like grass grabbers, downward dog, SSH, and toy soldiers. Most were in cadence of 10.

Next it was time for the Thang. DORA.

100 curls, 200 Big Boys, 300 Squats for the first round followed by 100 Merkins, 200 single count mountain climbers, 300 calf raises for the second round. Pax 1 ran 100 yards and back while Pax 2 knocked out reps. When Pax 1 returned, they flap jacked and pax 2 became the runner until all reps were completed.

A simple but effective workout that combines high heart rate sprinting and lifting/exercises with a team work aspect. Pretty much covers all the bases for the blue print of an F3 style beatdown.

It was great to see the PAX welcoming FNG Undertaker. He was pushing his limits and killing it. Good work sir!

After Dora was complete we circled back up for Mary. There was lots of good core work that took place. Big Boys was one thing we did and Abacus had a cool one too but I forgot what it was called. I kind of zoned out during Mary if you cant tell.

We circled up for COR NOR, announcements and intentions. We named our FNG Undertaker and It was mentioned that Tidwell and Meter Maid exceeded their fund raising goal. It’s awesome to see great men working for an amazing cause. Excellent work gentlemen and thanks to all that participated.

At this point Q School Day #2 was complete! Thankful for the opportunity to lead, thank PAX!

Hush Puppy

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