BB 10/7 The Agony at the County – Hush Puppy Q

AirRaid (R)
Little Jerry (R)
Bob Ross
Double Down (R)
Pew Pew (R)
Hush Puppy (Q)

This is a week late so I’ll keep it short. Was a good morning to get after it. Woke up to rain drops but skys cleared long enough to have a rain free WO. The Pax in attendance was a nice mix of County regulars, some new faces, and a few nomads making their way out.

Quick mosey around the campus and some COP and we got strait into the Thang.

This Weinke was inspired by the previous weeks IPC. The idea was to do a set number of reps and run until a goal number was reached. Runs were required at certain intervals during the rep counts.

10 man makers and a 50 yard down and back until 50 man makers were reached

20 merkins and a run until 100 reps

30 squats and a run until 150 reps

We circled up for announcements and intentions. It was a beautiful cool morning at the County and the rain subsided until we finished. A good one to get out and get it done. Thank you to my brothers who came out to support! I hope to Q more frequently in the coming months.

Hush Puppy

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