1/22 Blackblast Dynomite Q @ The Bridge Poshland

freehand drawn speech bubble cartoon bear


I want to thank everyone for coming out this morning!  Always encouraging to see a solid group of HIMS brave the cold and whatever stupid thing I am going to throw at you.

PAX (11): Dynomite! (Q), Number2 (R), Stick up, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Dry rub, Maxi, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Wapner, Jitterbug (R)


6 Mins of Tabata

To the tunes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers radio…actually I think Hotel California was playing….sorry!

SSH 1 Min, 20 sec rest, Imperial walker squats 1 min, 20 sec rest, Peter Parkers 1 min, 20 sec rest, Catalina Wine mixers with a merkin 1 min, 20 sec rest, and finally Toy Soldiers 1 min!

Everyone was nice and warmed up….so we headed to the Bridge for a little Bear Burp.  I got this idea from a Retainer Q a few weeks back at Vets.  Sure wish Retainer had showed up so I could have given him some pay back! 🙂  Anyways, the exercise is a Jack Webb 1:4 ratio but with Bear Crawls up the hill and Burpees after each bear crawl set.

Example: Bear Crawl up the hill 1 time and run down.  4 Burpees at bottom

Next, Bear Crawl up the Hill and back and up the hill and back.  8 Burpees at bottom…and so on.  I think most everyone got at least to 6 bear crawls and 24 burpees.  So, atleast 21 times up the hill bear crawling and 84 Burpees!  WOOF!  Great job Men!

I called time with 10 mins left and we headed back to the flag, which I brought but forgot to plant (Where is Deep Dish when you need him?).  My man Ripple helped plant the flag while I took the Pax thru some AB O RAMA!


20X FLUTTER KICKS IC, 15X GAS PUMPS IC, 10X AMERICAN HAMMERS IC, 10X PICKLE POUNDERS IC.  We did 2 sets of this workout and thankfully it was 6:15!


Circled up around the flag and did some Count O Rama, Name O Rama, annoucements, and intentions.  I took us out with a prayer and we headed out.  Thanks again guys for letting me lead and for letting me be part of this amazing group.

Dyno Out!

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