January Ruck Event Back Blast 1/17/20

When Old Bay and I sat down to plan the January Ruck Event, our goal was not to try and “one up” the previous events we just wanted to plan something that was truly ours.  Let’s face it, no one is going to out do Zartan and his partner’s yearly beer rucks.  We wanted to make sure all three Fs were fully engaged during our ruck.  We wanted plenty of PT, we wanted plenty of mumblechatter, and we wanted a great 3rd F component to cap off what truly makes F3 a great group of HIMs.

Once we had a date locked down, we did some research to see what made January 17 a great day.  Easy, it was the birthday of Louisvile’s own Casius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali.  Further research showed it was also the birthday of the hilarious nonagenarian Betty White, funnyman Jim Carrey, beautiful ladies Susanna Hoffs and Zooey Deschanel, musicians Kid Rock and Lil Jon, Dwayne Wade, Benjamin Franklin, and home video supporting actor Ray J. (If you don’t know who he is, don’t look it up at work!!)  It was also the anniversary of the formation of Motley Crue, which coincidentally had a member that was also a home video supporting actor. We decided to add some trivia along the way to celebrate these birthdays and anniversaries.

When discussing our 3rd F opportunities we threw around ideas such as homeless missions, veterans causes, and clothing drives.  When Old Bay brought up the idea of pet shelters I immediately thought of an old friend of mine that was the Director of the shelter in Jeffersonville and decided to talk to her and discuss their needs.  Suddenly it was all coming together.

So here’s what happened:

Event: F3 Louisville January Monthly Ruck

Date: January 17, 2020, 8:00PM

Hosts: Old Bay and Plumb Bob

Weather: Mid 30s, breezy, one short period of rain/sleet

Startex: Louisville side of the Big Four Bridge

Pax: (29) Duckling, Handbook, Flounder, Snowman, Vincent (R), Milton, Whitney (R), My Boy Blue (R), Catfish, OJ, Tool Time, DeVitto, Fanny Pack (R), Diablo, Shyster, Cookie, Tony Malito, Latex, Porkchop, McAfee, Grinder, Sump Pump, Russdiculous, Rocky, Meter Maid, Big Wheels, Kilo, Old Bay (CoQ), Plumb Bob (CoQ)

The PAX started rolling in early.  When I arrived around 7:35 there were already 7-8 waiting and ready to go.  I had passed 7-8 others that were en route from the endex to the startex.  Once everyone showed up we had 29 PAX.  This far exceeded the number we were expecting.  Old Bay took us over to a lawn where he led warm-ups as well as Dora BLIMPS. PAX were divided into 3 teams for some music trivia consisting of 5 questions and 5 weighted merkins for an incorrect answer.  Next we surprised the PAX with 13 large bags of dog food purchased through the donations asked for in the preblast.  We carried these across the bridge with numerous strange looks from passers-by.

On the Sunny Side of the bridge we dropped the dog food for some more PT consisting of squats, lunges, and Imperial Walkers followed by some Jim Carrey inspired Dumb and Dumber trivia.  Again, 5 merkins were awarded for incorrect answers.  After picking up our dog food we trekked over to the Falls of the Ohio State Park en route Duckling racked his little ducklings on a post that no one saw. TAPs for his boys. At the Falls we met with the Director of the J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter.  After talking with her for a few minutes, she loaded up her vehicle with food.  I’m pretty sure it was so loaded down that front wheels were in the air!  Thank you HIMs for your donations.

Afterwards we worked on our core with some weighted Big Boys, American Hammers and Rosalitas.  Next was another round of trivia in honor Betty White’s 98th birthday.  The PAX was less than thrilled from Golden Girls trivia which personally I found quite comical.  Afterall we were there to work and get better.  Quite a few merkins were awarded at this stop.

Afterwards we headed across the George Rogers Clark Bridge, more commonly known as the 2nd St Bridge.  As we approached the bridge, Grinder says “Guys, do you think this is prudent?” I said “Of course it is”, and then watched Old Bay pretend not to be rattled as traffic flew by like it was the Autobahn. Man we got a killer view of the city on this walk though, and we made our final stop at the YUM center. We were running out of time, so Old Bay did some quick Muhammad Ali Trivia with no penalties. Then partner up for final PT. P1 did Ruck Man-Makers, and while P2 Ruck mosied out and back. Then P1 did Ruck front raises, and P2 did overhead carry out and back. We even picked up 2 drunk Marines to join in the fun.  Someone gave them each a ruck and they mosied, came back crushed the PT.  This is exactly what we were hoping for when we decided to the PT in such a visible public place.

After it was all over we gathered for a group picture to commemorate the fantastic evening.  We gathered for some COT, including our new FNGs(?)  During Name-o-rama we gave our new friends nicknames of French Roll and Roomba.  We gathered for thoughts and sent some prayers up to the Sky Q.

We want to thank all the men that came out joined us for this event.  It was an honor to lead all of you and we’re grateful that you came out to be with us on this crazy thing we do.  Remember to be grateful for that we have and all that we’re capable to do.




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