BackBlast 7/15 @ Posh w/ Uncle Rico

Great to be back out at the Posh and more importantly take the PAX out for a beat down and show them what Uncle Rico is all about.   Told them early on they are in good hands. Apologize for no preblast but didn’t want to let the Pax know what they were going to be in for.

18 Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Woooo, Drive Thru (R), Lady Bird (R), SandTrap (R), Skirmish (R), Vera de Milo, Methane, Jitterbug (R), Iceman (R), Fructuse, SweetTart, PK, Dynomite, DeepDish, Retainer, Abacus, Harbaugh

Disclaimer and Warm Up

Quick Mosey with some high knees, butt kicks, and carioca
Circle Up 
20 SSH
15 Grass Grabbers
Plank with R over L and L over R 
10 Merkins
Kendra Newman's 

Grab Coupons and Mosey to Bridge

Thang - Partner Up 

Partner 1 - Exercise to top of Bridge - 20 Dips - Run to Bottom - 20 Gas 
Pumps - Run Back

Partner 2 AMRAP
- ManMakers
- Kettle Bell Swings w/ Coupons
- Colt 45's w/ Coupons
- Side to Side Merkins on Coupon
- Bulgarian Ball Busters w/ Coupon for Extra Burn
- Skullcrushers

Intentions were made special prayer for Vera and his family and ended with
an Our Father.

Thanks again for the invite and to all the PAX who came out.  Until next time


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