5-2-22 – The Incubator at the Posh – Meter Maid Q

It was a cool 47 degrees which was chiller than than I expected. No worry because the weight we would move would more than keep us warm.

All totaled 5 pax [Methane (R) [newly minted Incubator site Q] Ladybird (R), YNot [3rd post at Posh], Edward Scissorhands, Meter Maid (Q)]showed up for the never miss a Monday heavy. With many running under a ruck, Pelican would have called it heavy style. All told there over 575 pounds that we moved, carried, held, pushed and pulled.

Here was the setup this morning for the workout. Today’s music was all from Tom Petty.

For COP, we did some SSH IC, Mountain Climbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Kendra Newmans (arm circles) and Michael Phelps OYO.

The exercises included stein holds, V-Ups, Brown Waters (you will need to show up next time for a demonstration), Rolling Rows, Curls, Halos, American Hammers, Benchpress, Manmakers, Flutterkicks, Bent Over Rows, and Uneven Farmer Carries. The push was a choice of 30 pound or 65 pound ruck around the parking lot circle that later became a half loop to increase the number of circuit rotations. After doing the 65 pound ruck, the 30 pounds seemed really light.

There were two minutes left at the end for pretzel crunchers and gas pumps IC before time was called.

We completed COR and NOR. For announcements, the monthly ruck is May 20th being led by Plumb Bob. It is going to be a scavenger ruck. The County Fair is June 4th which will have a heavy, 5k, boot camp and kick ball game. There will be patches for those who participate. Closed with intentions, prayers and an Our Father.

Always Humbled to Lead,

-Meter Maid

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