Uncle Rico 1 YR Q @ North Posh Back Blast

Hard to believe it has been 1 Year since Star Child head locked me.  Conversation basically went like this:

SC “Brad you should come do this workout called F3.”

Me ” Where and When?”

SC “5:30 at the Posh.”

Me ” Not a chance.  I have a 2 month old at home and I am already not getting any sleep.  He is up every 3 hours.”

SC “Perfect your already up so what other excuse do you have.”

Me “Well crap.  I’ll see you in the morning”

This has been a great year and I can honestly say I am in some of the best shape of my life.  F3 has challenged me physically, mentally, and spiritually and made me a better father, husband, and friend.  With that in mind I finally ventured to the North Posh a little blind to the terrain (Thought I was at S Posh until thankfully Nino texted me yesterday).  Don’t you worry though Uncle Rico came thru and found the mountains to throw over.

PAX (17): Gypsy, Valdez, Jitterbug (R), Launch Pad (R), Cowboy, Yogi, Viking, Borland, Huggies, Flounder, Abacus, Iceman (R), Catfish, McAfee, Nino, Forced Close (R), Uncle Rico (Q)

Mosey with some High Knees, Carioca, Butt Kicks, and Mario’s

COP – Imperial Walkers (16), Cherry Pickers (16), SSH (16), 4X4’s (10)

Indian Run back to Flag

THANG (Partner Up)

Partner 1

Run .25 Miles to Bench Burp & Merk X 3

Partner 2

100 Merkins, 200 Bulgarian Ball Busters, 300 American Hammers

Circle Up – 10 minutes left.  Not sure of actually name of this but close to a Circle of AB Pain.  Went around and each person picked an AB exercise.  A lot of planks, LBC’s, Big Boys, Box Cutters, American Hammers, Gas Pumps, and of course PICKLE Pounders were done.

Gathered around flag and Jitterbug made announcement in regards to Hotel Louisville and F3 volunteering there.  Intentions for Jitterbug’s mom, McAfee’s preacher, and Cowboy’s friend.  Ended with an Our Father.  Thanks to all the Pax who came for the beatdown.

Uncle Rico OUT





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