F3 Louisville Las Vegas Backblast 8/20

Pax: Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Captain Insane-o (YHC)

This three man wolf pack woke up to a dry, and unnecessarily aggressive, 90* morning. DD and I grabbed LJ off the treadmill where he’d just finished a 6 mile warmup up, for an agreed upon dealer’s choice beatdown at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. Here’s what went down.

1 mile mosey to the sign from our digs. LJ took over with an early Mary session consisting of Vups, LBCs, LBCs to opposite, knees, diamond merkins, all on repeato. For those of you interested in working out here, the sign is in the median of Las Vegas Boulevard, and there is gravel surrounding AstroTurf, which makes for a decent little park.

DD was up next and he ran us down the median, and at each palm tree stopped to perform exercises consisting of squats, merkins, mountain climbers, plank jacks and copperhead squats. We then billy ran back to the sign (ruining all the tourists’ pictures). DD then took us through some plank work, some downward dog and some more merkins. Then, DD finished up with a traditional Jack Webb.

I was the croupier cleaning the table at the end, so we did 7s from side to side of the park, dips on one side, squats on the other. Then, I took advantage of the mile run back to get us back to the hotel. All in, we got 50 minutes of work, 2.5 miles, some funny looks and some great memories.

NOR and COT to finish, and now off to make our dreams of being in the Blue Man Group a reality.

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