8/20 The Little Blue Truck #Incubator backblast


Recently my son Ryan (16 months) has taken a liking/obsession with “The Little Blue Truck”.  Many of you high impact Dads are probably very familiar with this book, I was also familiar but have come to see it a little differently.  My girls were not into little blue trucks or dump trucks so I didnt really pay much attention to the story.  Along come my son and he is obsessed with the story and I couldn’t help but relate it to my brothers of the gloom and F3louisville.


The story begins with a little blue truck strolling along an old country road honking at all of his animal friends.  The toad, cow, the duck, the sheep the chick, the rooster, the horse, and the duck.  Needless to say this little blue truck has made quite a few friends.

Along comes a big dump truck with “more important things to do” than to “honk at every duck as he passes by”.

The big yellow dump truck then gets stuck in a big mud pile. image

The dump honked out for help and “nobody heard and nobody cared”.


Then into the mud came the little blue truck to help the dump.  The little blue truck pushed with all his might, now blue and dump were both stuck tight!


Blue cried out with a honk honk honk.  Everyone came to the aid of the little blue truck.  They all pushed together and both came un stuck.


image.jpgThe dump was thankful and realized that a lot depends on a helping hand from a few good friends.


And now, the rest of the story….

We (F3louisville) are the little blue truck and all the friends.  Because of our 2ndF relationships developed in the gloom by being open and friendly with one another we have developed bonds that are deeper than words can describe.

I know for a fact, if I’m stuck in the mud that a swarm of help is headed my way to help push me out.   I know this because I have seen it happen time and time again with this group.  It’s unique and beautiful.

The yellow dump represents sad clowns.  More important things to do, already have a gym, already have friends, it’s to early.  We’ve all heard it.  When sad clowns make their way to the gloom they experience exactly what the dump truck experiences in the story.

“You helped me and they helped you”

”now I see that a lot depends on a helping hand from a few good friends”


Keep EHing Guys!  No one realizes how much they need F3 until they find it.


We did do a workout and the people who were there were strong and we all helped each other.


Kilo Q




bob ross



jolly rancher

tool time


fanny pack



We warmed up

Native American run to the 64 coupon bridge.


Group one fun to top of hill with coupon and back

group 2 coupon Squats

group 3 coupon V ups.

all the way through 2x


Bearcrawl crawlbear Merkin x2


native American back to the playground.



group1 pull ups

group 2 pull up spotter for group 1

group 3 rope rows

all the way through x2


all you got Freddy Mercury til time.


-Kilo out



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