Backblast: 6/24 – Incubator

For this Q, I wanted to give the PAX a well-rounded workout. Trying to find a good mix of upper, lower, abs, and cardio. Sounds like its time for a trip to the honey hole!
Conditions: ideal. 70*, clear, light breeze.
PAX (16): Big Bird, Dorothy, Abacus, Lady Bird (R), Glaucoma, Sadie, Woo, Bob Ross, Jitterbig (R), Sandtrap (R), Gilligan, Pixar, Maxie, Dynomite, My Pleasure, Scratch-N-Dent (Q)
After a quick mosey, we warmed up with jacks of all kinds:
  • 25x SSH IC
  • 20x Crab jacks IC (some debate as to what these are actually called)
  • 15x Seal jacks IC
  • 25x Plank jacks IC
  • 25x Red Bull SSH
Next, burpee run to the honey hole.
THANG 1: Bear crawl!
  • Pax 1 bear crawl to the middle of the bridge
  • Pax 2 repeats:
    • 20x rock curls
    • 20x rock shoulder press
    • 20x rock squats
  • Switch
THING 2: Burpee long jumps!
  • Pax 1 does burpee long jumps to the service road
  • Pax 2 repeats:
    • 20x 4-count rock flutter kicks
    • 20x 2-count American Hammers
    • 20x 2-count rock merkins
  • Switch
Jailbreak mosey last 100 yards
Plank for 6
  • 25x Freddie Mercury IC
  • 15x Carolina Dry Dock IC
  • 25x Gas Pumps IC
  • 60sec Plank
Finished with Count-a-rama and Name-a-rama.
I encouraged the pax to take one of my favorite Bible verses into the day:
1 Corinthians 16:13–14 says, “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”
Something here for everybody. Whatever you face down today, there is some part of this verse that will help you to serve others and grow as a man.

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