6/20/18 Backblast: Black Ops at Rough River

Beautiful days at the lake begin with difficult workouts by the lake. Today we decided to make use of some features at Rough River Dam State Park. Conditions: postcard perfect. PAX: Ashley, My Pleasure (2.0), Red Card (2.0), Scratch-N-Dent (Q) COP: Arm Circles, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers, 25 SSH with a burpee every after 5th […]

5/31 Backblast: Black Ops at St. Al’s

For my VQ, I wanted to give the PAX a well-rounded workout. Trying to find a good mix of upper, lower, abs, and cardio. Obvious answer: burpee box! Plus some other fun tricks. Conditions: ideal. 68, partly cloudy, light breeze. Q: Scratch-N-Dent PAX (15): My Pleasure (2.0/FNG), Peach, Valdez, Airplane, Porkchop, Ashley, Fergie, Cochran, Big […]