6/12 Back Blast: Rough River Black Ops

Swim, Pike, Run!
For this week’s Rough River Black Ops, we decided to get a little crazy. If IHOP can start changing up letters, so can we. Thus: Swim, Pike, Run.
PAX: Ashley, Scratch-N-Dent (Q). Couldn’t get the 2.0s out of bed.
COP: Disclaimer, Mosey down the dock. Arm Circles, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers.
Open water swim. We swam across the lake to a boat dock. Not sure how far it is. Probably about 300 meters one way. So, 600m round trip. Neither of us have a background in swimming, so that was tough. Spoiler alert: we survived.
THANG 2: PIKE and similar stuff.
  • 25 Pike Pushups/Skull Crushers (or whatever they are called)
  • Run up and down the abandoned boat ramp (about 40 yards and really steep!)
  • Finger dock inchworms, 3 merkins per (great for working on balance!)
  • Lunges up the boat ramp, run back down
  • Bear crawl length of the dock and back
  • Long jumps up the boat dock, run back down
  • 60sec elbow plank, 30sec per side side plank
  • Bernie Sanders up the boat dock
1.25 miles, mostly gravel, pretty slow. About 9min/mile pace.
Finished with various stretches to stay loose after the swim.

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