BB: 06/13/2018: Glauc Q. Methane found his crack. Tron has a new home.

The musical generator was out in full force.

No one’s attire really stood out, I still have trouble recognizing methane without his blue pullover and nino is really starting to favor tanks and a nike hat with a little neon stitch.  I did notice little jerry and I did not match today and Retainer did not have a Yankees baseball shirt on.  Overall, acceptable attire for a posh beatdown.

Q: Glauc

PAX: nino, retainer, starchild, mr hat, forced closed (r), Methane, gypsy, huggies, double down (r), dynomyte, little jerry (r) , maxi, tron

Yes, you read that correct above.  Tron.. Two post at the posh this week.  Welcome to “The home of the ghost flag!” Tron!  Glad to have you join the family.

Mosey to “northern lights” . ( the beautiful fountain that only the beautiful poshlands can produce)

30 SSH (IC)

Hamstring Hold (40 second hold)

Plank Stretching

15 Merkins (single count)

40 Shoulder taps (single count)

Thang 1:

“Hypnotize” Biggie Smalls.  start in fountain area and do 7 Mexican jumping bean squats, run out of area down sidewalk to the bottom and perform 7 Military? merkins  (I forgot the name of these.  Its where you do a merkin and at the bottom position, you go completely to the ground and spread your arms out then go back up) then run back to fountain area.

Thang 2:

3 minute Interval training:  1 minute on, 15 sec break.

series 1) Right leg glute thrusters, Left leg glute thrusters, reverse plank

series 2) Right side elbow plank , left side elbow plank, ankle biters

Thang 3:

same sequence as Thang 1 except to “Believer” Imagine Dragons.  @ the fountain do 7 Box jumps at the lower level 7 crucible merkins.

Thang 4:

3 minute interval training. 1 min on, 15 sec break

series 1) right side isolated leg lunge, left side iso leg lunge, sumo squats

series 2) 1)Pickle smashers (or supermans, essentially laying on stomach lift legs up and arms up either out to side or front and go up and down) NOTE: this is where methane found his little tiny crack to “help” him.  As you can imagine, this was a tiny crack.. I actually think methane enjoyed this portion of the workout. 2) Michael phelps (same on belly, think of doing freestyle on concrete)  3) Hammerheads

Run back to flag

1 minute elbow plank hold, 15 sec break

1 minute elbow plank hold

1:4 ratio (Merkins: reverse chest flys)  I have no idea the name of the second exercise.  Think of it as doing a lateral row in standing (vertical) position. Trying to emphasize your back.  we did 5:20 – 10:40

Intentions made particularly to the POPE  and the Abacus and his family.  Prayers to all those suffering with mental and physical sickness.

Thank you fine men for making me better this am!

Glauc OUT!


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