10.14.19 PB: Smash Brothers co-VQ, LOCO @ The County


Smash bros.jpgTomorrow, My Pleasure and Red Card (aka The Smash Brothers) will be leading a co-VQ at the County. It will be a brotherhood theme front to back. If your brother can’t come to F3 tomorrow, that’s ok: these brothers will you hook you up with the next best thing! First, a not-so-calm version of knock out. Then we’ll pair up in a killer Dora throw down so you and your brutha from anutha mutha can see if you can keep you with 16 and 15 year olds! 

Guys, these are my 2.0s. I couldn’t be prouder of my boys for stepping up. Look, you can get a great workout at any AO tomorrow, but if you make it to The County, you’ll be giving my boys the opportunity to take a significant step. It’s not every day that teenagers get to lead full grown men. This is risky and uncomfortable for them and this dad is grateful to all the HIMs who give them the chance to learn some life through leadership!



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