BB- The Incubator at the Posh – 3/14/22 – Meter Maid Q

Sometimes you have to show up even when everything is not optimal. My voice was shot, but I had a plan to execute a successful workout. I showed up 10 minutes early to setup my board by the PWC pavilion, get my coupon to start ex and get the music / speaker setup.

There were 8 pax for my shoulder heavy workout: Hardwood, Timeshare, Ladybird (R) with Emma aka Beggin Strips, Stick Up (still a Poshie regardless of what Jewel says), Dry Rub, Methane (R), Backflop and Meter Maid (Q).

I provided a disclaimer and we went on a quick mosey to warm up before starting a 5 minute EMOM by the PWC pavilion. It consisted of 15 merkins, 10 dips, and 10 step ups (5 per leg). If you finished early, you rested. If not, you kept working.

Then we did strict tabata over by the start ex. There were 8 exercises and we did 8 rounds of a specific exercise with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Between exercises, there was an additional 20 seconds break.

The 8 exercises were bent over rows, coupon swings, big boys, mountain climbers, manmakers, shoulder tap merkins, jump lunges and heel touches (to close out with some Mary side abs work). Time was called accurately (I am sure if Pelican and Dauber had not played basketball last night, I would have heard otherwise).

We circled by the flag for COR and NOR. For announcements, the monthly ruck is Amazing Race Qed by PK. It will be on 3/26 at Vets starting at 8pm. Convergence is at the O on 4/23. We lifted up the intentions and unsaid intentions. Closed out with an Our Father.

Always Humbled to Lead,

-Meter Maid

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