BB – Meter Maid’s 1st Year Post Anniversary at Incubator – 4.29.2019

What a year it has been since Airplane headlocked me into coming. My first post was at Crestwood Elementary on 4/29/2018. Abacus and Airplane had the Q for it. I thought it was difficult but I later came to realization that I was just out of shape. Now fast forward one year and I am in much better shape. I am down 20 pounds and completed the StarCourse in Columbus earlier this month. The 20 pound ruck plate symbolizes what I lost and what I accomplished as a result.

Before Last Friday, I had been recovering from StarCourse but posted on Friday at Norton Commons and Saturday at the Nest. I also completed two rucks on Sunday (Elevation Ruck) and a ruck with my puppy, Londi. I even ran into Kimble and Valdez on my puppy ruck.

This morning I was amazed and humbled to see how many PAX came out to support me this morning.

PAX – (20)- LePew, Pew Pew, Retainer, PK, Jolly Rancher, Jitterbug (R), Lady Bird (R), Amelia, Scratch and Dent, Ashley, Kimble, Nugget, Uncle Rico, Valdez, Cochran, Bob Ross, Viking, Grinder, BigBird and Meter Maid (QIC).

I issued the disclaimer and moseyed around and eventually stopped near the Gheens Lodge for COP.


Abe V – 12 IC

Grassgrabbers – 20 IC

Downward Dog – Calf Stretches and Hip Stretches

I had stopped here because I wanted to start with Balls to the Walls. This is one that Bob Ross had done on as an inpromtu Q. We did it 5 times and held for 5 seconds and on the last two did a merkin.

I informed the PAX that we would be doing a BSB workout and it didn’t stand for one bourbon, one scotch and one beer. We moseyed to the Bridge.

THANG 1 – Bridge (The first B)

We started with 10 Merkins and did 5 burpees in the middle and did 10 Big Boys at the bottom and Bernie Sanders back to the top went back down. Each time we added 10 Merkins, 5 Burpees and 10 Big Boys each tome we completed until we got to 40 Merkins, 20 Burpees and 40 Big Boys.

THANG 2 – Station Work

We divided into 4 teams. Team one did some shuttle running. Once the runners completed, they relieved the jump ropers. The jump ropers relieved the team doing Merkins and the team doing Merkins relieved the team doing squats. Had we had more time, we might have done man makers and kettlebell swings. Time only allowed for one compete rotation.

THANG 3 -Bear Crawl Merkins Web (The Second B in BSB)

For each four hand movements (Bear Crawl), we did one merkin and attempted to get up to 40 hand movements and 10 merkins. Time was called before we could complete although Valdez and BigBird may have completed it.


Announcements – There are lots of big dates coming up.

Kimble has his VQ at the County tomorrow (4/30).

Retainer has his one year Q On Wednesday, 5/1 at the Bridge (Posh). It is also the same day as Ashley and Scratch and Dent’s one year.

On Saturday 5/4, Valdez celebrates his one year at the Nest AND BigBird celebrates one year at the Parklands. Tough choice for two County HIMs.

Next Tuesday, Nugget celebrates his TWO year anniversary on 5/7 at the O. Very impressive!

The O-lympics takes place on Saturday, 5/18.


I noted some of the symbolism in the COT. The 20 grass grabbers represented the 20 pounds that I have lost since starting. (I thought it was fitting that there were 20 PAX as well.) The six jump ropes represented the six. I was the six early in the Columbus StarCourse until my stomach settled down. Many of us have been the six and it helps us to remember to continue picking up the six. We ended with an Our Father.

-Meter Maid

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