BB 4/24 HEAVY at the County with Wildflower

Always a pleasure leading the Pax in some heavy crushing and gettin swole.

PAX (6) Alexa, Kimble, Bulletin, Valdez, Le Pew, WILDflower


Kendra Newman’s oyo

Gorilla humpers 25 IC

Plank jacks 30 IC

Plank 30 second….the reach up to sky (switch)

D Dog/scorp 30 seconds each


Mosey to get coupons

Man makers 20
Curls 30
Skull crusher 30
partner Leg throw downs 50 each person
Decline merkins 30
Over head press 30
Sumo squats 25
Thrusters 25
Pull ups 25
Dips 25
Return coupons
Plank hold 10 sec count down windmill
Round of Mary (PAX called out)
Merkins 50
announcements about 5-18 F3 olympics
WILDflower out.

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