BB 4-5-21 Pickleball Q- Incubator @ South Posh

As promised we kept the exercises “simple” in terms of complexity to help everyone kick off the week with a clear head, but sore bodies and lungs! Great group of HIMs got after it and the time flew by! PAX- Pickleball (Q), Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Ladybird (R) +Emma, Jitterbug (R) COP- Quick parking lot moseyContinue reading “BB 4-5-21 Pickleball Q- Incubator @ South Posh”

BB- 1-28-2021 Pickleball Q @Kapowski @Bayside

“Those times when you get up early and work hard. Those times when you stay up late and work hard. Those times when you don’t feel like working, you’re too tired, you don’t want to push yourself, but you do it anyway. That is actually the dream.” – Kobe Bryant There was no better morningContinue reading “BB- 1-28-2021 Pickleball Q @Kapowski @Bayside”

Preblast– Pickleball Q @Kapowski 1-27-21 @Bayside

Choosing a great day for a Q weeks ago, I am thrilled to see the weather report for tomorrow’s workout! Unlike the cake walk 40 degree workout on Tuesday at Bayside this will be slightly colder. But we will embrace the weather for we are the chosen few willing to wake up and work hardContinue reading “Preblast– Pickleball Q @Kapowski 1-27-21 @Bayside”

BackBlast #bayside CO-Q 12-10-20

11 braved the unknown of what a @shuttlecock and @pickleball CO-Q would mean…everyone looked relaxed and smiling until the ladder was announced!!! Then everyone got to work and made a great push!!! Fun fact of the day is my biceps are cramping as I type this!!! Here is what we did… PAX- 11…….Shuttlecock (R)(Q), PickleballContinue reading “BackBlast #bayside CO-Q 12-10-20”