BackBlast #bayside V-Q 12-3-20

With great honor and pride I write my first backblast! It was a pleasure to lead this group of 12 HIMS who were willing to brave the cold temps this morning to follow me for a total of 13 PAX. Special shout out to the guys who used a full tank of fuel to get to bayside! We worked low and slow but kept the blood moving and the muscles smoking. Here is what we did together!

Pickleball (QIC), Stick Up, Shotzie, Charolais (R), Dynomite, Sadie, Nan Moore, Mr. Hat, Aerobie (R), Shuttlecock (R), Firing Pin (2.0), Birdie, Slugger (2.0)

Disclaimer was given and then the fun began…

Short mosey to the courtyard for…

COP= 50 Side Straddle Hops IC, 10 Grass Grabbers IC, Downward dog for calf and runner stretches, finished up with some Kendra Newman (arm circles).

Two groups for Waterfall Merkins from 10 down to 1. Count out 3 (on your way to 10 etc) and then next guy starts and so on…

Indian run at medium pace. Each time Q made it back to the front we would halt and do an exercise….25 squats IC….25 merkins IC

Proceeded to mosey back to parking lot football field for some coupon work and slow burn…

25 curls with coupon

Lunge walk (with coupon) end zone to end zone…every 20 yards do 20 merkins

Bear crawl back (without coupon)… every 20 yards do 20 LBC’s

25 Over head press with coupon

Lunge walk end zone to end zone again (without coupon)…every 20 yards do 20 pickle pounders

Side shuffle right (50 yds) and left (50yds) the length of the field back to finish with a couple minutes of Mary.

Flutter kicks , gas pumps, V-ups, stink bugs all IC then called TIME!

COT: Lots of unspoken intentions, but we ended in prayer lifting all of the unspoken intentions up as we bring this interesting year to a close quickly. Asked the Lord to bless us all and never let us take any of our blessings for granted not even the little things. Cherish every moment, and ask the Lord to continue watch over us and continue to let us get up and work hard everyday and make the world a better place.



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