F3 Louisville is #RyleighStrong

Last week in the Gloom I was struck by the story of a young girl who was struggling. A fellow HIM shared with the group about Tony Malito’s niece, Ryleigh, who has been in the hospital since December 24. She was first admitted for the Flu but was later diagnosed with pneumonia and was transferred to the ICU. Due to some complications she was in respiratory failure and needed help quickly. This is especially difficult for her because she has Cerebral Palsy which makes recovery from any kind of distress much more difficult.

With that being said I wanted to gather you HIMs together to help show our support for this incredibly strong young woman. She has been in the hospital for almost three weeks now, and although she is doing better she is still fighting.

So next Tuesday, January 14th, the HIMs of F3 Louisville will wear green (Cerebral Palsy ribbon color) in honor and in support of Ryleigh and her fight. So whatever excuse you have, get rid of it. Whatever obstacle is in the way, remove it. Find a partner and challenge them to get in the Gloom on Tuesday, and show your support and why WE DON’T GET UP FOR EASY!!



-McAfee out

PS of you want to read more about Ryleigh’s story you can follow along here:


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