Backblast -Pelican Q The Max @ Bayside 1.10.20

This summer Le Pew ran the Billy Madison workout at The County and at Peggy Baker park. I enjoyed it in the way you enjoy something that really sucks. So when IHC came around I decided to make a trip to Bayside and see if Billy could graduate with Zack and Kelly.

We loaded up the clown car with a couple of County boys and made the trip to Bayside. We arrived pretty early because I’d never been to a WO there and wanted to make sure I allowed time for set up.

The PAX started rolling in and my FNG (and bro in law) got there right at 7.





Meter Maid


Drain-O (FNG)



Banana Bread

We did a quickly mosey to grab a coupon and then came back to the parking lot for COP.

Grass grabbers 10xIC

Toy Soldiers 10xIC

Copperhead Squats 10xIC

Michael Phelps OYO

Kendra Newman OYO

Downward dog and related stuff

Then we started the one and only Thang. If not familiar with Billy Madison the movie (if this is you stop reading this and go watch the movie now) he has to go through 12 grades of school in 24 weeks in order to take over his fathers company. We only have an hour so we did a ladder with 12 reps per exercise or grade. After each grade you do a short mosey then do that grade again and the next grade. By the end of school you do all 12 grades in a row.

These HIMs must have studied because we crushed this workout. By the end we hit the below reps–

144 LBCs IC

132 Calf raises w/coupons

120 Merkins on the coupon

108 Flutter Kicks IC

96 Coupon Squats

84 Coupon Curls

72 BBSU w/coupon

60 Lunges per leg with coupon

48 Bent over coupon rows

36 V Ups

24 Thrusters

12 Manmakers

A couple PAX finished early and tutored the others to ensure we all graduated on time. Worm even graduated early. As an added bonus we got to watch Billy Madison on my iPad while we worked. Not a ton of mumble chatter but it was very windy and I think everyone wanted to hear the movie. I think Worm has it memorized.

We circled up and made some announcements-awards banquet, monthly ruck and forgot to mention the challenge with Naperville next week but I’m mentioning it now.

We said our intentions and continue to keep Leah Phillips and her family in our prayers. I’m glad this IHC is going on and got me to Bayside, it’s a great AO. Thanks to Meter Maid, Dauber and Alexa for making the trip with me.

Lastly wanted to apologize for these PAX that I was so excited to graduate that I forgot to hand out snack packs. I’ll make it up next trip.

Until next time,


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