Back Blast – #no-rain – the Nest @ the County – 01/11/2020

Rain? What rain. If you let the fart sack beat you this morning then shame on you. Weather was perfect for getting busy. And, the boys at The Nest got busy today indeed.


  • Brown Water
  • Fear Factor
  • Double Down (R)
  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Cratchit
  • Hush Puppy
  • Captain Crunchberry
  • Assfault (FNG) (pronounced Asphalt)
  • DeVitto (late rucker picked up along the way)
  • Pelican (late Baysider joined)
  • Alexa (late Baysider joined)
  • Meter Maid (late Baysider joined)
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

Disclaimers were given and we set off for the front parking lot.


The usual:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog & Runner Stretches
  • Toy Soldiers

The Thang:

Paying homage to Abacus, he ran this months and months ago and it was definitely hard. So I figured why not. The objective was to run the normal ruck loop (about 3 miles) that we do normally with some PT at each stop sign we hit. The spin is that winners become losers because the person that makes it to a stop sign first turns around and finds the six so that we all finished together at each stop sign.

We set off down Mt. Mercy towards Houston Lane with Holy a Roller setting a feverish pace. Nobody was surprised as he was the morning line favorite to win. We stopped for PT including:

  • 20x merkins
  • 20x squats
  • 20x Carolina dry docks
  • 20x lunges
  • After a ten count (or two) we made the next movement down Houston to Rollington. Holy Roller still pulled away from the pack and on this movement we lost our FNG, Assfault, who despite the good fight was winded. Captain Crunchberry and Assfault headed backwards to the flag. Bad Q – should have modified for the FNG. PT was the same as above except we nixed the Carolina dry docks.
  • Rinsed and repeated the above all the way to the flag. Highlights:
    • Holy Roller was upfront every leg. The man is just a beast. No stop in that HIM.
      Hush Puppy is an early favorite for the “no quit” award. The man spilled merlot on his first post on January 1 and he’s posted seven times since then. One foot in front of the other, brother!
      Double Down is like a Cinderella pick in the NCAA tournament. The mans chest was open about 13-months ago for surgery and he’s still running laps on the PAX…or maybe that was just me…?
      Brown Water, in true HIM fashion, has immense, wicked freaky abilities to be able to partake in mumble chatter and also keep a count. Well done, sir – and thanks for the help.
      Fear Factor has been supporting the kids and family to overcome the flu over the past few weeks. But he crushed the 3 miles.

    We made it back to the flag after going through some downed wires and the fire department. Been trying to headlock several of them that were there so it was good for them to see us in our element.

    We ended with a little bit of Mary:

    • Gas pumps ordered by YHC.
    • Flutter kicks from Capitan Crunchberry.
    • Box cutters from Meter Maid.
    • LBCs from Hush Puppy.
    • Big boy sit-ups from Double Down.
    • Burpees from Holy Roller (who does this? who calls burpees during Mary?!?!).

    Sorry if I missed a Mary exercise. I was gassed.

    Time was called. All in looks like we did a little over 3 miles and I’m sure Holy Roller having to double back for the six got probably 5 miles.


    Countarama, namearama, named our FNG, announcements and intentions.

    Always a pleasure to lead this group.

    Jolly Rancher out!

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